Luxury Kitchen Trends - Unit Kitchen

Looking to redesign your kitchen to create a more elegant space? This year’s kitchen design trends are made for the modern homeowner, boasting warm colors, stunning contemporary kitchen cabinets, and cutting edge appliances. In your next remodel, try out these trends that kitchen designers love.

Classic Black And White

This time-tested color scheme is back for the luxury buyer. Consider using this understated pattern to make other details stand out, such as elegant appliances or a bold art piece. Consider swapping in a shade of gray for a less traditional look. Dark Wood Cabinets: Modern kitchen design is moving away from the industrial style of the past five years and toward a more homey look. Add some extra coziness to your kitchen by selecting a warm wood for your kitchen cabinets. Opt for a lighter countertop to balance out the overall color scheme.

Mixed Materials

Today’s kitchen designers are creating a mixed look for their clients, breaking more rules from the past decade. Pairing various materials together is a great way to add personality to your kitchen. This is especially effective for your countertops. A marble countertop with a wooden island, for example, can look beautiful when executed well. Ask a designer about what materials they recommend.

High-Tech Features

Today’s kitchens are subtly fitted to accommodate modern technology. Install hidden charging portals and smart appliances to add high-tech features without overwhelming the space. Also, consider purchasing eco-friendly or solar-powered kitchen appliances to use modern innovation to lower your environmental footprint.
Large Windows: Inspired by airy, European kitchen design, optimizing natural light is a must in today’s luxury kitchens. Large windows will open up the space and allow light to pour over your gorgeous kitchen features. If your kitchen is located in a more central location, consider skylights and wall cutouts to create this same effect.


Regardless of trends, your kitchen remodel should reflect your own personal taste and style. HGTV recommends that homeowners plan renovations based on their own needs if they plan to stay for more than five years, rather than the needs of future buyers. If you are having any doubts about your designs, be sure to hire a professional designer. They will advise your buying and aesthetic decisions.