About Our Cesar Art Director

We would like to introduce you to our Italian Art Director at Cesar kitchens, called Garcia Cumini. While being an innovative, Italian kitchen brand already gives us a great competitive advantage, having our own Art Director ensures to always be one step ahead. Our Art Director Garcia Cumini is not just one person, but actually two of the most talented design individuals worldwide, called Vicente Garcia Jiménez and Cinzia Cumini, or simply Garcia Cumini. We have worked with our Cesar Art Director for many years, and are proud of their unparalleled kitchen designs and innovations. Learn more about them here.

Garcia Cumini Art Director Cesar

Cesar Kitchen Philosophy

Cesar Kitchens is a world-renowned Italian kitchen brand with over 50 years of international experience in terms of kitchen design, production and installation. One of the reasons why we at Cesar are so successful is our strong focus on design, product innovation, and research and development. Our Cesar team constantly launches new kitchen models, materials, finishes and kitchen features. We firmly believe that our creative and unique kitchen designs in combination with the high quality of product distinguishes us from our competition. Our close collaboration with our Cesar Art Director Garcia Cumini allows us to always think out of the box and come up with kitchen innovations that then become the source of inspiration within the international design industry.

Garcia Cumini Art Director at Cesar

Garcia Cumini’s Kitchen Designs

Our Cesar Art Director Garcia Cumini was formed in 2012 in Udine, Northern Italy, and has supported Cesar with numerous, award-winning modern kitchen creations ever since. Both art directors Garcia Jiménez and Cinzia Cumini are inspired by the philosophy of Slow Design, as well as their diverse cultural backgrounds from Italy and Spain. Garcia Cumini’s ambition and goal is to constantly come up with new kitchens and designs, that are unique and aesthetic, yet long-lasting and functional. We believe that their skills can be excelled through their sensual approach, intuitive communication and multi-disciplinary team.

Cesar Garcia Cumini Designer And Art Director

Cesar Product Innovations

Their latest kitchen innovation is called Cesar Williamsburg, Intarsio & The 50’s and was launched at EuroCucina at the biggest furniture fair Salone del Mobile in Spring 2018. The year before, they launched The UNIT kitchen model by Cesar, which is a modern free-standing kitchen, similar to a piece of furniture, on thin brass legs. Besides, designing kitchens, Garcia Cumini also talented in terms of interior design, and have come up with the concept of the Cesar Wall Waiter shelving system, used in many our clients’ kitchens and living rooms. We always make sure to submit Garcia Cumini’s designs to various international Design Awards and were pleased to have been amongst the nominees and even winners several times already.

© Photographs by Gianni Antoniali