About Cesar NYC Kitchens

Cesar NYC Kitchens is the New York based Flagship Store of the Italian international kitchen designer and manufacturer Cesar Arredamenti Spa. The Cesar New York kitchen showroom opened beginning of 2016 and is located in Flatiron District of Manhattan. It is Cesar’s first North American flagship store, and one of only three Cesar Flagship Stores worldwide. The kitchen showroom is managed by Gil Kovalsky and Kobi Aharon, who have worked with the Cesar brand for almost 10 years. The Cesar New York Team is proud to be specialists in terms of the Cesar product, Italian corporate philosophy and production processes. Most of the clients served by Cesar New York are located in the tri-state area, more specifically in Manhattan, The Hamptons, Westchester, Brooklyn and New Jersey.

History Of Cesar Italian Kitchens

Cesar’s history is seeped in tradition and family roots, and is indelibly tied to the Italian countryside, where the company was founded. Cesar was founded by Vittorio Cester, who in 1969 transformed his furniture workshop into a modern furniture factory, which was at that time called “Cesar Arredamenti”. Cester’s original workshop was nestled in the northern Italian countryside of Pramaggiore, where the heart of the company’s main operations as well as kitchen design and production has remained throughout Cesar’s history and still sits today. Like its location, Cesar’s ownership has remained tied to its roots throughout the Cesar history. Cesar is proud to be a family-run business and is currently under the leadership of Vittorio’s children Gina and Dante Cester, who began working with their father in the 1980’s. Cesar kitchen cabinets for projects in the tri-state area will be designed, ordered and installed by our Cesar New York kitchen showroom, and custom-made in our Cesar Factory in Prammagiore near Venice, Italy. The reason why the production facility is located in Italy, same as 50 years ago, is in order to maintain the exceptionally high quality of product and production.

European Kitchen Design

Cesar was founded with a focus on simple, yet functional kitchen design. It was one of the first Italian companies to produce modular, dynamic and versatile kitchen cabinetry systems, a style that was gaining popularity in America by the 1970’s. When founding Cesar, Vittorio Cester had a vision of blending European design with the versatility of these modular kitchen systems, which were created with a strong focus on ergonomic functionality. Throughout Cesar’s history, the company has continued to embrace its original passion for function meets innovation by blending the sleek simplicity of European kitchen design with a continued dedication to technological advances in kitchen ergonomics. The company has always had a strong focus on efficiency and quality of industrial production. Cesar has also remained true to its intimate family roots, both in operations and in its relationship to its clientele, which is also the philosophy adapted by our in-house kitchen designers. Starting in the 1980’s, Cesar adopted an unprecedented personalized approach to industrial cabinet production by custom manufacturing each piece it sold based on individual customer needs. Customization became and remains at the forefront of the company’s operational standards, lending a personal touch to each and every order fulfilled by Cesar.

International Expansion and Growth

While Cesar maintains an intimacy in its relationship to its customers in its operating standards, the company’s reach is far from small. Having grown exponentially from its humble beginnings, today Cesar is a world leader in modern European kitchen design working according to the highest environmental standards and is present in markets across Europe and the United States. Backed by a worldwide reputation of excellence that the company established from its original location an hour outside of Venice, Italy, Cesar was proud to officially expand to the United States in 2016 with the opening of its first ever North American Flagship Store Cesar NYC, located in Manhattan, NY. With the opening of Cesar NYC, a new chapter of Cesar history  began to be written. Today, Cesar NYC serves numerous clients in the tri-state area, bringing Italian design dreamt up in the northern Italian countryside to America and through doing so, honoring Cesar history and Vittorio’s original dream of blending function and innovation.