Interior Design Best Of Year Award Winner

Cesar is very proud to announce that our Williamsburg, Intarsio and The 50’s Kitchen Model has won the Interior Design Best Of Year Award 2018. The Best Of Year Award winners were announced by Interior Design Magazine’s Chief Editor Cindy Allen and Publisher Carol Cisco on November 30, 2018 at the River Pavilion at Javits Center in New York City, and our Cesar NYC Kitchen Showroom won the Product Award in the Kitchen Cabinetry Category.

About Williamsburg, Intarsio & The 50’s

Our Williamsburg, Intarsio & The 50’s Kitchen Model was launched in 2018 to reinvent how we see modern kitchen design today. It is an innovative kitchen model designed by our Cesar Art Director Garcia Cumini, and consists of three kitchen design elements. It elegantly incorporates our Cesar Williamsburg kitchen island, with our Cesar Intarsio kitchen wall cabinets and the innovative The 50’s shelving system. What is so unique about this kitchen design is that it sacrifices wall cabinets, shelf cabinet doors and the cabinetry below the kitchen island to create an innovative, completely new and stunning look. This beautiful Cesar kitchen model was selected the winner at the Interior Design Best Of Year Awards 2018 in the kitchen cabinetry category, and we would like to thank all users and the jury for selecting our kitchen as the winning model.

Photography by Erik Bardin of EBAR.PHOTO

About Best Of Year Awards

The Best Of Year Awards were invented 13 years ago by Interior Design Magazine to celebrate the best product innovations worldwide. It it the industry’s leading awards program, and honors the leading design innovations around the globe. International participants can submit their latest products and projects, and the winners are selected during an online voting process every year throughout October. While honorees are informed beforehand, all award winners are announced live at the awards ceremony in New York City.

Best Of Year Award Winner: Kitchen Category

Our Cesar kitchen design team was present at the awards ceremony in New York City, and was very honored to be selected the winner in the kitchen cabinetry category in 2018. The winning Cesar kitchen model Williamsburg, Intarsio and the 50’s was featured on Interior Design Magazine’s website, as you can also see from the below picture, as well as in the Interior Design printed magazine. We would like to thank our Cesar Art Director Garcia Cumini once more for designing this stunning, award-winning kitchen. View our Cesar Williamsburg, Intarsio and The 50’s Kitchen online, and don’t forget to watch our Best Of Year Award Video, which we have published in our website’s video section.