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Whether you have recently returned from the Italian countryside or have been dreaming of European living your whole life, Italian kitchens are the perfect space to place your inspiration. European kitchen designs are very much in style and one of the major kitchen trends all over the US, and especially in the design capital NYC, as a result of Italian design gurus across the pond being historically seen as the world’s main trendsetters. Follow the below design tips to incorporate a taste of Europe in your modern kitchen design.

Cesar Cloe White Kitchen With Wood Table

Choose Mixed Materials

For those of you interested in a European look, know that uniform kitchen materials are no longer a must. Pair your wooden kitchen cabinets with metal chairs. As long as the result is stylish, then you have executed this look well. A recent survey found that 72% of homeowners prefer exposed stainless-steel kitchen appliances but remember that you can pair this with many materials as well. And keep it natural: Today’s European kitchens are inspired by nature. Think natural kitchen finishes and materials like wood and clay surrounded by plants and fresh flowers. Natural lighting is also a plus, as it quite literally opens up your kitchen to the outdoors. Hide your storage elements: European kitchen designers are hiding organizational elements in more creative ways than ever. Consider hiding your sink or dish rack under a removable kitchen countertop or installing kitchen cabinets without kitchen handles. These techniques remove clutter while creating space.

Cesar Maxima 2.2 Kitchen In Light Brown

Remember Your Guests

In many European countries, eating and drinking is a joyful experience. Adopt this mentality by designing your kitchen for both cooking and entertaining purposes is what our Italian kitchen designer at Cesar NYC Kitchens definitely recommend doing at an early stage in your kitchen design process. This could include a large-sized kitchen island or a separate seating area. Get creative with how you want to entertain your guests, and tell your kitchen designer about all your needs and requirements, so to have no regrets after.

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Add Pops Of Color

Europeans have mastered the art of sophistication. Remember this when selecting colored accents in your Italian kitchen and interior space. The best way to do this is to choose a neutral color pallet, then use artful touches like towels, sculptures, and small appliances to supplement with color. Or why not take a little more of a risk, and choose cabinetry colors, like yellow, blue, green, orange, red or pink for selected cabinets, like your upper kitchen cabinets, your kitchen island or the shelving within your kitchen space? Remember that the essence of European style is subtlety. You should feel elegant and comfortable in your space, not overwhelmed with design details. By starting with a simple design and thoughtfully building up your decor, you will achieve your ideal look. Also, consider working with professional kitchen designers to really complete your vision. Once you are finished with your stunning modern kitchen design, pour a glass of wine and enjoy.