Design + Production

Design + Production

All of Cesar’s products benefit from Cesar’s in-house approach to design, research, and production. Close collaborations between Cesar’s trusted teams of architects, researchers, and manufacturing engineers result in a streamlined design, research and production workflow that consistently produces products that meet Cesar’s high standards of aesthetics, quality and functionality.



Each of Cesar’s modern kitchen designs are conceptualized through a collaboration between the Italian architect Gian Vittorio Plazzogna and Cesar’s talented in-house design, research, and engineering teams.

The design process starts when together, Mr. Plazzogna and Cesar’s research and development engineers identify the market requirements, technological advances in functionality, and current aesthetic trends that will be embraced in a new model. Inspired by those conclusions, Mr. Plazzogna and his team then create sketches and later renderings of the new model. Cesar’s technical engineers use these renderings to perfect the industrial production process of the new model, and finally, Cesar’s design team makes final decisions on finishing options and exterior aesthetics.



Much like the design process, Cesar’s production process is handled entirely in-house. From the acquisition of the finest raw materials to the customization, manufacturing and inspection of each final product, Cesar’s team handles every aspect of the production process.

Cesar’s own product line is the sole focus of the entire production facility, and each seasoned member of the production team is an expert in his or her part of the process and how it fits into Cesar’s overall product visioning. All of Cesar’s production takes place at Cesar’s factory in northern Italy, which is situated on a twenty-acre plot in Prammagiore, Italy, where the company was founded in 1969.