Kitchen Work Triangle In White Kitchen In Manhattan NYC

What Is The Work Triangle?

When designing a modern kitchen, we often talk about the kitchen “work triangle”. This refers to the area between your sink/dishwasher, fridge and cooking hob, and is where most of your kitchen activity will take place. It is a design concept meant to reduce unnecessary movement in the kitchen and to create efficient use of the kitchen work spaces.

The Importance Of Countertop Space

It is also important to think about countertop space within your modern kitchen area. You should have kitchen countertop space next to the refrigerator to set down grocery bags and easily put items away. You also need countertop space in the sink area for food-preparation tasks, such as chopping vegetables, as well as for cleaning up after meals. Our Cesar NYC’s design team always keeps this in our as well as our clients’ mind through the creation of kitchen designs that are both, functional and ergonomic.

Strategic Work Zones

Another way to thinking, rather than to just focus on the work triangle, is to think in terms of so-called work zones. As cooking has evolved, modern kitchen designs are leaning increasingly towards open concepts, and there is often more than one person involved in the food preparation process. The ideas behind dividing your kitchen into zones, is to store things in the right place and to improve your cooking flow. This includes grouping items together that you use for specific tasks, such as baking, for efficiency reasons. In your kitchen’s baking zone, for example, you would store everything you need for baking, such as measuring cups, baking sheets, rolling pin, etc.

The number of zones in your modern kitchen will vary, depending on your individual lifestyle. Typically, our kitchen designers classify the following five kitchen zones:

1. Preparation Zone:

The so-called preparation zone can either be a stretch of kitchen countertop or kitchen island, and should be located close to the cooking zone, in order to quickly and easily put your prepped food into a pot or your oven. This area should include everything you need to prepare your meals, such as knives, chopping boards, measuring cups, etc.

2. Cooking Zone:

Your cooking zone is described as the kitchen area that contains your stovetop, oven and microwave, as well as pots, pans and spatulas.

3. Cleaning Zone:

Your kitchen’s sink and dishwasher belong in the so-called cleaning zone, and this is the area in your kitchen where you would also typically store items, like sponges, dishtowels and other cleaning utensils.

4. Consumables Zone:

The consumable zone is where you will store most of your food in your kitchen. This area will usually include both, the refrigerator and your food pantry or cabinets.

5. Non-Consumables Zone:

The non-consumable zone is the area in your kitchen, where you store plates, bowls, glasses, silverware and any other dishes for everyday use.

Please feel free to reach out to us in case of questions. You can also schedule a kitchen appointment with one of our Cesar NYC kitchen designers to discuss which concept will work best in your particular kitchen space.