White Matte Lacquer Maxima Kitchen Cesar

If you are thinking about a custom kitchen renovation, the first thing you have to consider is the concept you want to give to your kitchen space. Being aware of kitchen trends is important as particularly modern kitchens often include remarkable innovations on both functional and aesthetic aspects. It is also good to have a basic understanding of timeless kitchen design elements, especially if you wish to create a kitchen space that you and other people can admire without any limitation to space, time and beyond.

Stone Countertops

Countertops are often the focal point of modern kitchens. A stone countertop is a distinctive design element because every stone is different, and will hence make your Italian custom kitchen look special and unique. Stone countertops are also very durable and generally more heat resistant than most other countertop materials, and can hence be easily integrated with all modern custom kitchen cabinets.

Glass Doors

Kitchen cabinet glass doors that are either fully or half transparent allow for maximum visibility, are currently one of the latest trends in the European Kitchen Design Industry. They create a feeling of spaciousness and help bringing a touch of color via dishes and glassware stored inside your glass kitchen cabinets.

Neutral Color Palette

Go for neutral hues, either for the majority or maybe just selected, smaller elements of your new modern custom kitchen. Why not use colors, such as white, cream, light grey or black in your interior space. It always works well to add color accents within your kitchen space, such as brass handles in champagne, to get a more sophisticated and memorable look.

Sleek Cabinets

The beautiful simplicity of Cesar’s cabinet lines has been something charming for a long time. The great thing about sleek cabinets is that they work well with both transitional and modern kitchen designs. While the below tall cabinet doors are sleek in their appearance, they still create a stunning look through the metallic texture and the slightly increased frames of the cabinet doors.

Timeless Custom Kitchen Design In NYC

As you could see from the above, there are several factors to be considered when renovating your kitchen in NYC. To create this specific timeless yet unique and aesthetic look so many New Yorkers are looking for, each client’s wishes and desires need to be considered individually, so to come up with a timeless kitchen design that is also functional, and can hence be used over years to come. If you wish to find out more about timeless kitchen design for your specific NYC kitchen design project, feel free to visit our Manhattan based Cesar NYC kitchen flagship store, or to arrange a complimentary kitchen design consultation.