Shell reinterprets the classic shell handle found on antique dressers, filing cabinets and work benches and becomes a modern archetype. Its soft, rounded shape ensuing from carefully studied details gives it an ergonomic grip and enhances the champagne brass or gloss black nickel finish as well as the white, lagoon and titanium lacquered versions. Eero draws its inspiration from the concept of lightness and minimalist of the Tulip coffee table by Eero Saarinen to visibly reduce the thickness of “D” handles. Refined finishes such as champagne brass and gloss black nickel, or more contemporary ones such as white, lagoon and titanium lacquer infuse this handle with ageless beauty. Design by Garcia Cumini.

Champagne brass Euro handles

Nickel Nero brass Shell handles

Laguna brass Eero handle on Italian kitchen cabinets.

Champagne brass Eero handles