Handles that are integrated into the door panel or applied to the doors, slanting edges or push-to-open systems: units can be opened in many efficient and practical ways. It all depends on the final effect you want to achieve: a kitchen with interesting, stylish details or a very linear, minimalist design. It’s a matter of choice.
Luxury Kitchen Cabinet Handles

The doors of the Cesar kitchens are available in four different thicknesses, depending on the model: 14, 18, 22 and 25 mm. All these can be fitted with practical D handles.

Luxury Kitchen Cabinet Handles

The handle can also be recessed inside the door panel, combined with the straight grip recess.

Luxury Kitchen Cabinet Handles

The L-shaped aluminum grip recess allows the doors to be opened easily.

For clean, minimalist aesthetics the push-to-open device can be applied to all the models.

With its linear simplicity, the Step edging gives the door a distinctive appeal.

The Frame grip edging consists in adding a matt aluminum or titanium molding to the Step edging.

Luxury Kitchen Cabinet Handles

The Hook grip edging is carved into the door edge; there is no need to use a grip channel in this case.

Luxury Kitchen Cabinet Handles

The Inside grip edging is integrated into the top edge of the door: the front finish continues uninterrupted on the entire surface.

The doors of the Kalea model are emphasized by a gap created by two 14 mm thick offset panels. They are opened by means of the push-pull device or by handles fitted on the front panels.

Luxury Kitchen Cabinet Handles

The 30-degree edge of the Maxima 2.2 kitchen doors makes them easy to grasp and open without the need of a handle.

The contrasting slants of the worktop edge and the grip recess create enough room to easily grasp the 45 degree edge of the Elle kitchen doors. A comfortable way to open the units.

The 45 degree edges of the worktops, of the end supporting panels and of the doors of the Elle kitchen meet with precision. The push-pull device is used to open them.