When installed inside the base, wall, tall units and jumbo drawers it offers a perfect view of their contents. If installed below wall units it sheds just the right light on the worktop to make food preparation safe and easy. Lighting is fundamental in a kitchen, not only from a practical viewpoint but also because of the particular atmosphere it creates.

For practical and elegant interior lighting of base, wall and tall units, the led lights are recessed vertically into the side panel or horizontally into the over-shelf above the units.

The inside of base units with jumbo drawers can be provided with a light that projects outwards and lights up the unit when the drawer is open.

The led lights recessed into the bottom panel of wall units create a pleasant mood in the kitchen as well as being discreet and functional.

The led lighting can even be fitted in the frame of dish-drainer racks for excellent visibility in the work area.