The worktop is the place where most of the work in a kitchen is carried out. It is available in stone, stainless steel, ceramic and in other materials, each of which gives a special style to the kitchen. Be it traditional or more metropolitan, each worktop offers the utmost versatility of use.
natural stone countertops

The natural stone worktops in marble, granite, stone and porphyry boast a stain-resistant treatment and are available polished, matt honed, flamed or brushed. The photo shows a worktop in Grigio Amani marble.

solid surface countertops, Corian

Solid Surface worktops – made of materials consisting in a mixture of minerals, acrylic resins and pigments – can be extremely slim or very thick. Shown here in the Glacier White Corian version, that is only 2 cm thick.

Dekton kitchen countertop

Worktop in Dekton, a material boasting high technical performances that are ideal for worktops. High stain, scratch and heat resistance combined with excellent color fastness and reduced water absorption make Dekton the perfect choice for a very beautiful and functional worktop. Shown here with a Kelya finish.

wood kitchen countertop

Top veneered with a thick layer of natural solid wood treated only with waxes and oils that protect it and enhance its veins, knots and small imperfections, transforming them into assets. Shown here in the Rovere nodato version.

hot laminated steel countertop

The new worktops in hot-laminated steel combine the technological soul of steel with the pleasant, textured appeal of the finish.

laminate kitchen counter

The laminate top is durable and resistant. Shown here in the hi-tech Fenix version.

Stoneware kitchen counter

Stoneware is an excellent material in terms of resistance and easy maintenance. The bush-hammered textured effect creates interesting combinations with the materials of the doors. In the photo: the white bush-hammered stoneware worktop and the ceramic surface of the door.