Contemporary Italian Kitchen Cabinets

When planning out the perfect modern kitchen design, choosing the right materials is key. This is especially true for your cabinets. Contemporary kitchen cabinets are available in a wide variety of wood, each with their own standout qualities. Since homeowner’s spend and average of 35% of their remodel budgets on cabinets, it is worth it to choose a material you love. Not sure which wood is best for your kitchen needs? Use this guide to pick your ideal type.

  • Maple: This wood is very popular for custom designs since it’s light color makes it easy to stain. The grain is also light, so it looks smooth and uniform from afar.
  • Cherry: A durable option for families with children, cherry can stand up to most wear and tear. This wood is originally a lighter red or brown, but it gets darker with time.
  • White Oak: The stronger of the oaks, this wood has a rustic, cozy feel. White oak is another popular choice for custom modern kitchen cabinets and has a soft grain to it.
  • Red Oak: This oak is versatile, as it takes well to many types of finishes. Its bold grain gives it a more woody look than the previous options, so it is often used for more traditional kitchen designs.
  • Ash: Ash is a clean wood with a even grain. It can be customized with the right finish to look contemporary and crisp, giving your kitchen an original feel.
  • Pine: Remember that pine is a softwood, so it is less durable than hardwood options. It is light in color, making it easy to stain, and displays tree knots throughout. Much like red oak, pine is more commonly found in transitional kitchens.
  • Birch: This tree has a luxurious look to it, taking on a variety of colors. Birch has a fine grain and is highly durable. It also has a smooth surface that may change color with age.

European Kitchen Design

Wooden modern kitchen cabinets take a traditional material to make an updated kitchen design. By working with professional kitchen designers, you can easily choose the best cabinet materials for your overall kitchen aesthetic. Visit our Cesar NYC Kitchen Showroom to experience the materials in an authentic environment. With the right planning, your appliances, floors, cabinets, countertops, and backsplash will integrate seamlessly together into your modern kitchen design.