Intarsio by Cesar is bold, rigorous and metropolitan


Cesar Intarsio Kitchen

Cesar Intarsio is deviating from the rules that makes the biggest impression. I love symmetry but not convention. I look for the original that inspired the repetition. Those who put their trust in tradition know that to innovate, sometimes, it is simply necessary to change the point of view. They create new proportions that give rise to new sensations. And in this, we discover a different kind of beauty each time.

Door in wood Rovere Mediterraneo Intarsio. Brushed aluminum Champagne Ouverture Handle.


Geometric Kitchen Design

If beauty is authentic, then it creates ripples. It runs from one place to the next, creating complex associations. It has countless sides. It is always the same, always different.

Bold Design Elements

Contrasts do not scare me, because they are usually only superficial. Tender feelings and stiff coolness, seriousness and smiles. They are all in us, the many facets of just one personality.

Open Minded Approach

The most wonderful minutes of the day are those unexpected moments. I never fully plan my day. Instead, I set the right conditions to make things happen and then go with the flow.


Cesar Art Director García Cumini

García Cumini was born out of the meeting of two cultures – Italian and Spanish, where creativity, beauty and joie de vivre are fundamental values. The company was launched in 2012 combining the experiences of our Cesar Art Director Vicente García Jiménez and Cinzia Cumini. Two complementary personalities, at work and in life, the two designers have built their philosophy on the concept of Slow Design. They have a holistic approach to design, devoting time and energy to careful research and analysis. They take time to understand the lifestyle of clients who will be using their products and analyze for technical innovations and production processes in order to fully understand and exploit their potential. The result are shapes and objects designed to last, preserving the balance between emotion and function, art and technology, intuition and careful design.