Kitchen Portfolio at Cesar NYC

See the power of Cesar NYC’s work in our modern and contemporary kitchen portfolio. Our kitchen portfolio showcases a diverse collection of projects including our extensive catalog of residential projects, commercial projects and international projects.

Residential Kitchen Projects

Cesar NYC specializes in modern, residential kitchen design. Our kitchen portfolio  explores many of the residential projects our designers have completed in the greater New York City and tri-state area. These projects include kitchens in apartments, standalone houses and bigger developments. Our residential kitchen work often involves completely reimagining the boundaries of a kitchen space. We are keen on finding new solutions through reinterpreting the possibilities of what can exist within the kitchen’s footprint. Our focus in terms of residential projects is to create a stunning aesthetic, to boost comfort and ease within the space. We also strive for functionality, keeping in mind the lifestyles of each individual homeowner. This is possible by reminding the home owner and ourselves of what the space is used for the most, what home owners want to get out of the space, and how they are planning to move within the kitchen area.

Commercial Kitchen Projects

Cesar NYC’s kitchen portfolio also includes breathtaking commercial projects. We enjoy working with commercial clients, who are interested in our kitchens, vanities and cabinets for corporate use. We are proud of our commercial projects that include the equipment of the CADAR jewelry showroom in Midtown East with our Cesar cabinetry, as well as the UBS bank in Midtown Manhattan with a corporate Cesar kitchen.

Multi-Unit Kitchen Projects

At Cesar NYC, one of our senior kitchen designers is specifically dedicated to submitting bids for multi-unit projects in NYC and the wider tri-state area. Our kitchens are very well suited for developments and apartment projects and we are proud to be extremely competitive in terms of pricing. While architects, designers and developers can choose from any Cesar kitchen model, we also offer a specific builders’ kitchen line that we are able to offer at a reduced rate.

International Kitchen Projects

Known worldwide for its reputation in modern kitchen design, Cesar’s kitchen portfolio includes projects across the globe, including Cape Town, Brussels, the Amsterdam, London, Genova, and many more global cities. Our international design work brings the sleek design and careful ingenuity of Cesar’s expert Italian designers to a global audience, integrating a modern aesthetic into the far reaches of the globe.

Variety of Kitchen Design Projects

Across Cesar’s kitchen portfolio, whether it is a residential project in the greater tri-state area, a commercial project in New York City, or an international project that brought Cesar to places like Cape Town, Melbourne and beyond, you will see a continuity of vision. Cesar’s aesthetics are defined by its unrelenting focus on sleek, minimalistic, breathtaking modern design. Though every kitchen is unique and our designers embrace new and innovative solutions in each single kitchen project. We believe that an unsurpassed elegance and rich, modern feel of our Cesar kitchens is always notable, which is reflected in the exciting new shapes Cesar’s work takes in each space.

Explore Cesar’s Kitchen Portfolio

Cesar’s kitchen portfolio  provides an up close insider view of real applications of Cesar’s ingenuity. In exploration of our modern, residential kitchen portfolio, one can see the many possibilities that exist in the use of each of Cesar’s signature pieces as well as the value that is added by the decades of expertise that our designers bring to each project.