New Cesar Logo NYC

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Cesar New York kitchen logo. This logo reflects the style and minimalism of our kitchen models, and will come into effect as of December 2018. This is how our new Cesar New York flagship showroom logo looks like:



The Cesar brand has existed for over 50 years, and represents our leading Italian designer kitchens worldwide. Our logo is a symbol for the high quality of products we offer, that are beautiful, innovative and award-winning. The name Cesar has arisen from the owners of Cesar, who are called Chester, and decided to use a variation of their surname for our modern kitchen brand.

Cesar works closely with our Art Director Garcia Cumini to come up with our latest logo. Garcia Cumini assists us with the identification and design of the latest kitchen trends, and also assists with most of our marketing material to make sure it is in line with our branding, image and overall company presence.

Watch the video above to see how our logo has evolved over time. Discover how our first Cesar logo was launched in 1968, and see the development of it, and the six logo changes that were necessary to come up with the contemporary, unique logo we have put in place today. Visit our brand video section for more videos about Cesar.

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