Kitchen Videos at Cesar NYC

Our kitchen design videos offer a window into Cesar’s modern kitchens as they exist in the world, as a daily part of one’s life, supplying a space for the rituals of cooking and gathering to unfold. The kitchen is, for many, the heart of the home – a place where food is created, where work is done, and where families catch up with one another after long days apart at work or school. The kitchen is also where holidays happen, with cheer ringing through the air and special traditions of food preparation and food serving unfolding. The kitchen is a place where life happens, and Cesar videos  allow us to dive into that vitality through visuals that draw us into spaces and make us dream of being there ourselves.

In the above Cesar video, learn more about Cesar’s philosophy, which is tied granularly to Cesar’s history rooted in Prammagiore, Italy. Find out why our Italian kitchens are more broadly related to a global tradition — particularly the Italian tradition — of using whole ingredients to create food that nourishes the soul both in its preparation and in its flavor.

The above Cesar video showcases our kitchen model Maxima 2.2, Cesar’s versatile, stunning kitchen system that enhances the home by letting creativity flourish. Maxima 2.2 is highly customizable, allowing the homeowner to really delve into his or her own personal style and desires. In this Cesar video,  you’ll get to see Maxima 2.2 up close and personal, drawn into the possibilities of what Maxima 2.2 can create. Maxima 2.2 was designed by famed Italian architect Gian Vittorio Plazzogna.

Through these Cesar videos, we hope you will step into the world of Cesar and look around at all that is possible with Cesar kitchens. To experience what you see here yourself in real life, consider visiting our New York City showroom, located in the Flatiron District of Manhattan. In our showroom, you can experience firsthand the wonder of Cesar’s kitchen systems, including Maxima 2.2 and Unit, our newest system, which is highly versatile and can accompany nearly any type of home or lifestyle. Cesar videos afford us a unique opportunity to draw you into our world, and we are always adding new videos. To see more Cesar videos, check back to this space often or look up our Cesar NYC YouTube channel. It’s here that we can show you the finest details of our newest products, newest service offerings, and newest possibilities.