Salone Del Mobile EuroCucina 2018 I Cesar Videos

Cesar is proud to be one of the main exhibitors at EuroCucina 2018 at Salone Del Mobile in Milan, Italy. The Salone Del Mobile Design Fair is the biggest furniture design exhibition worldwide, and every other year it includes a kitchen section, where the latest kitchen trends and models are being released. Watch our videos to see the modern kitchens, launched by Cesar in 2018.

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Discover Cesar’s new kitchen models, which will be available at our Cesar NYC Flagship Showroom in the USA as of Spring 2019. Learn more about our new, unique and stunning Cesar Williamsburg kitchen model above, as presented at Salone del Mobile’s EuroCucina 2018. It was inspired by trendy, hip Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York City, and can be combined with the Intarsio wall cabinets, and The 50’s shelving system.

Cesar has offered the Elle kitchen model for many years. At Salone Del Mobile 2018, this model was relaunched with new kitchen cabinet finish and design options, and is now called the New Elle, or N_Elle. Our New Elle kitchen comes in many different material options, like marble and wood and can also be combined with Cesar’s The 50’s Shelving System. Watch the above video to see this award-winning kitchen model with a monolithic marble waterfall countertop.

Cesar’s Maxima 2.2 kitchen model has been our best selling kitchen model over the past year. Watch the above video to see our new integrated marble sink, backsplash and finish options, as well as the stunning half-blurry glass cabinets that emphasize your personal kitchen accessories and style.

Cesar has a patent on the UNIT kitchen model that is characterized by its thin brass legs, which gives kitchen islands and wall cabinets an airy, light appearance. Our UNIT kitchen is now available in new finish options, like this beautiful, strong red. What’s new also, is the open shelving option, as well as the very innovative, round kitchen table that is integrated into the kitchen island.

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