Cesar Ariel Modern Laminate Kitchen

Kitchen Model: Cesar Ariel // Kitchen Style: Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets // Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer: Cesar // Kitchen Cabinet Finishes & Materials: Ash Melamine // Kitchen Handles: Brown Aluminum Profile kitchen handles // Kitchen Countertop and Side Panels: Provence Oak Matrix Laminate, with a countertop thickness of 1.4 cm / 0.6 inches // Special Features: Fold Open Kitchen Cabinet Units and Wing Table with a Brown Metal Structure and a Provence Oak Matrix Laminate Top // Kitchen Cabinet Door: Ash Melamine Cabinet Finish / Kitchen Chairs: Nené, Black and White Polypropylene // Kitchen Hood: Nuvola Kitchen Island

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Cesar Ariel Kitchen Characteristics

Our Cesar Ariel modern kitchen model has been an integral part of our Italian kitchen cabinet offer at Cesar NYC for numerous years. It can be characterized by its sleek style and various customization options that offer plenty of flexibility since all of our kitchen cabinet designs are made in our Italian Cesar kitchen factory according to your wishes and specifications. If you like the above kitchen project, you may want to learn more about it. The above kitchen uses two major kitchen cabinet finishes, which are an ash color melamine laminate, and a so-called Provence Oak Matrix laminate kitchen finish. In contrary to our clients’ common assumption in the US, our laminate, also known as premium laminate, kitchen finishes are of the highest quality and are the most durable and resistible kitchen material offered by us. The reason for this is that we locally produce it in our Italian factory, putting a special focus and emphasis on the production process and materials used to ensure maximum functionality and aesthetics that are almost identical to real wood finishes.

Cesar Ariel Residential Kitchen

Ariel Kitchen Cabinet Features

While most of our contemporary kitchen lines come handle-less these days, it is important to mention that kitchen handles are still a trend and design element in today’s modern kitchen. In the above Italian kitchen design, we use kitchen handles made of aluminum, using a brown profile finish that is elegantly integrated into the very top of the kitchen cabinets, where it has a minimalistic, stylish appearance. There are multiple kitchen handle options available, and we are happy to take you through all of them during a complimentary kitchen consultation at our Cesar NYC kitchen design showroom. To round off this kitchen model, another kitchen feature used are the kitchen cabinet units that can be folded open, which is the ideal way of optimizing your kitchen workspace in a design focused way.