Modern Custom Kitchen in Cedar Grove, NJ

Kitchen Designer: Bernard Kim
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This unique modern Italian kitchen design is located in an elegant, contemporary home in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. It uses a high-end Cesar kitchen model in the most elite and posh finishes, which include dark high gloss oak wood, white high gloss lacquer and white acid finish glass. While this may sound like a brave combination of cabinet finishes, it turned out to be a very nice, classic modern kitchen project, which gains increased attention through the choice of the kitchen flooring, which is marble with an extraordinary, natural occurring pattern that incorporates different shades of whites and browns.

The kitchen model used for this modern Italian kitchen in NJ, is our Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen with extra thick cabinet doors. Our kitchen design team suggested to use the oak wood kitchen cabinet finish for the base cabinets, while using brighter and lighter colors on the tall cabinets, wall cabinets and the kitchen island. Even though it is unnegotiable that the kitchen has a highly modern design, the use of colors and finishes creates a transitional, almost traditional feeling of coziness and comfort despite plenty of natural light during the day. During the day, the space benefits from endless daylight that is let in through the uniquely shaped triangle windows. In the evenings, the fully functioning fireplace can be used. To make sure that the clean design isn’t broken up, all cabinetry next to the fireplace was also designed and provided by Cesar NYC.

The silver, stainless steel kitchen appliances, like the refrigerator and ovens were on purpose left uncovered, which is very trendy these days, especially with high-end kitchen appliances as used for this luxury kitchen project. Another kitchen design trend, is to incorporate small design elements in different colors, to slightly break up the design and show that the client has a daring, innovative sense of design. In case of this residential kitchen, our client was keen to try out yellow colored stools for the kitchen island in the center of the kitchen. In combination with the traditional style glass lighting above the kitchen island, this shows that today’s kitchen design can play with design elements from different decades, showing strength and willingness to think out of the box rather than to stick to the given rules. This emphasizes that anything is allowed these days, and that the most unique spaces these days often come up as a result of a reinvention of old meets new.

Photographer © Wing Wong, Memories TTL