Multi-Unit Kitchen – 856 Washington St, NYC

Number of residential units: 26
Partners: Valyrian Capital, The Daten Group & Kutnicki Bernstein Architects

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This high-end Cesar multi-unit project is located in Manhattan’s West Village at 856 Washington Street, New York, NY 10014. Our modern Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen model was used for all 26 condominium units, which include a total of 26 custom kitchens and 76 vanities. The kitchen cabinet finishes used are our Italian Cesar finishes Noce Sgubbiato LN87, Lacquered Oak and Etched Glass. Besides Cesar NYC Kitchens, the real estate investment and development firm Valyrian Capital, the real estate development consulting firm The Daten Group and the architect Kutnicki Bernstein Architects were involved in this stunning residential multi-unit kitchen and vanity design project.

Kitchen & Vanity Finishes:

Kitchen Units: Noce Sgubbiato LN87, Lacquered Oak, & Etched Glass

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Photographers © 856 Washington, Street Easy, Douglas Elliman