Modern High-End Kitchen in Chelsea, NYC

Kitchen Designer: Kobi Aharon
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This gray oak wood kitchen by Cesar is located in a modern style apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood of Downtown Manhattan, New York City. The designer of this kitchen is our Chief Design Officer and Senior Kitchen Designer at our Cesar NYC kitchen showroom, Kobi Aharon. This Italian kitchen incorporates a very common kitchen layout and design in Manhattan. It tries to use the existing space as well as possible through the creation of a galley style kitchen layout with an integrated kitchen island with seating options parallel of it. This design doesn’t have any wall constraints, since our kitchen design team suggested for the existing kitchen wall to be removed, and ensures that the chef in the kitchen can enjoy a view of the outdoors, same as the open concept living room space, being able to speak to and entertain guests while spending time in the kitchen area.

The gray used in the kitchen space was our kitchen designer’s suggestion, since it would integrate well with the visible silver kitchen appliances used. The cabinet finish also forms a nice contrast to the white stone countertop used for the base cabinets as well as the kitchen island. This countertop finish has the same color as the walls and ceiling of the kitchen, which visually opens up this Manhattan apartment space and makes it look larger than it is. This effect is further enhanced through the well considered use of spot lights in the apartment’s ceilings, which is reflected in the kitchen’s upper cabinets as well as the kitchen island’s countertop, and is emphasized even further through the use of LED under-cabinet lighting.

The three designer stools for the kitchen island were on purpose ordered in black color, so they stand out more and create their deserved attention. This effect is further increased through the use of a waterfall countertop in this contemporary kitchen with a more than average countertop thickness, which pretty much creates a nice outline around these stools. There has been a small TV screen installed on one side of the kitchen, which can be seen both from the living space and while sitting at the stools. This TV is also linked to the main TV in the living room, and ensures that an ongoing movie or TV show can be continuously enjoyed when preparing a meal in the midst of it. The modern, elegant hood in stainless steel was installed right above the cooktop, and guarantees that any dust from cooking gets immediately absorbed without impacting the view of the kitchen, living room or TV screen.