Modern Custom Kitchen in Closter, NJ

Kitchen Designer: Kobi Aharon
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This bright, inviting modern residential kitchen is located in a luxury residence in Closter, New Jersey. While the kitchen may seem bigger than the average Manhattan size kitchen, it was smaller than the client was dear. It was hence a priority for him to use colors and kitchen cabinet finishes that would optically open up the space. Our kitchen designer Kobi suggested to use a combination of two high-end kitchen finishes – bleached yellow pine and acid edged finished glass cabinets. A perceived increase of space volume was also achieved by the creation of a modern kitchen design, that would make the ceilings seem high through the use of cream colors, a meaningful design of the artificial and natural light sources as well as a focus on vertical lines and designs. The considerate placement of interior design elements in combination with the careful integration of LED lights in the ceilings as well as beneath certain cabinets enhanced this effect further.

The layout chosen for this kitchen was in L shape in combination with a long straight wall cabinet line, where most kitchen appliances were integrated. The kitchen island in the center of the kitchen offers plenty of space for the serving and eating of food including three modern stools in a bright, yellow design, from which the prepared food can be enjoyed with a beautiful view of the garden and exteriors. On the other side of the kitchen island, a modern Italian wine cooler was integrated, which allows the chef to offer his guests chilled wine while preparing a meal. The color of the countertop was chosen in a similar color as the kitchen cabinets, but on purpose in a bright beige white to distinguish between these two design elements. The countertop has hence exactly the same color as the small, round kitchen table next to the island, with another four chairs.

To make maximum use of the existing space, the fourth wall of the kitchen space was used for an open spacious shelf, some further storage and to install a small screen on which our client can watch TV while preparing a meal. While the base and upper kitchen cabinets have a purely functional purpose, the shelving system focuses on the design element and on nice decorations to create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. This was also the reason why most kitchen appliances were placed behind the sleek, minimalistic modern kitchen cabinet doors. This creates a feeling of simplicity and smoothness, and enhances the light feeling of the kitchen space, which in combination with all the nice mustard yellow design elements, made our client’s dream kitchen become reality.

Photographer © Wing Wong, Memories TTL