Modern Kitchen in Downtown Manhattan, NYC

Kitchen Designer: Gregory Hitchcock
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This unique modern Italian kitchen in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan is a visually stunning confluence of several design elements, including a large lighting fixture that became a focal point of the design. This space features Cesar’s Maxima 2.2 kitchen as well as a waterfall island from Sapienstone that is half an inch thick.

Here, wall cabinets were done in white silk lacquer finish, paired with grey elm laminate on the lower cabinets. Our kitchen designers opted to use the same countertop finishes materials as the backsplash on the left side of the room, and cabinet material was used as a backsplash to the right side of the countertop. This backsplash continues behind shelves. Light wall cabinets here complement a minimalist cooking hood to the right of the room and an open shelf to the left.

The floor was done in dark wood to create a visual contrast within the space. Although many modern kitchen designs integrate appliances into the cabinetry so as to hide them, here, appliances were left visible due to the client’s preference for stainless steel. To embrace this, stainless steel appliances were left visible in the space, allowing them to punctate the rest of the design elements and serve as a visual focal point. The kitchen island, a substantial feature both for aesthetics and for functionality within the space, features three seating opportunities.

Photographer © Costas Picadas