Modern Custom Kitchen in Edgewater, NJ

Architect: Paul Vega, VLDG Design, Kitchen Designer: Kobi Aharon
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This contemporary Cesar kitchen belongs to a new construction house in Edgewater, New Jersey with an open space design, spectacular views, and the latest architectural materials being used, including exposed concrete walls. This means that the chef can enjoy a lot of natural daylight and a view of the outside river while spending time in the kitchen. This residential project was the result of a collaboration of our senior kitchen designer Kobi, and the architect Paul Vega from VLDG Design. While the architect involved had some initial ideas with regards to how a modern kitchen design could look like, our kitchen design team made sure to elucidate what was within the possible, and how a combined kitchen and office shelf design could look like that would positively dominate and upgrade the whole interior space.

The main kitchen cabinet finish of this modern Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen is white glass in an acid finish, which is being combined with white so-called eco cement panels. These materials are very durable and work really well in combination with the chosen gray soapstone countertop. It was important for a client to design a kitchen that would integrate with the in-home office space right next to it. To visually open up the interior space, a light color scheme was chosen. To make sure that the office and the kitchen inherit the same design, the same eco cement finish as for the kitchen, was chosen in white color for the office units and the dividing shelving unit separating the kitchen from the working space and creating a focus on the existing free-standing design elements.

For our client, it was important to make sure the kitchen is highly functional, and hence easy and convenient to use. Our kitchen design team hence put a great focus on arranging the individual elements, like the L shaped kitchen cabinets and the freestanding kitchen island, in a way that would make a use of the kitchen easy, also considering the work triangle. There were two stools integrated as seating opportunities at the kitchen island, not without making sure that the open-air quality of the home was being maintained and that the huge windows could be seen from any spot within this modern Italian kitchen. Last but not least, the whole architectural layout was planned in a way that makes sure that the kitchen can even be seen from the second floor of this beautiful residence.

Photographer © Wing Wong, Memories TTL