Eero Shell Kitchen Handles by Cesar

Our Cesar Eero Shell kitchen handles are a very unique kitchen design feature that are uniquely offered by Cesar Italian kitchens in NYC, same as worldwide. To create our Eero Shall kitchen handles, our Italian Cesar Art Director Garcia Cumini drew inspiration from the concept of lightness that was embraced in the Tulip coffee table by Eero Saarinen. Light, minimalist design works to optically diminish the thickness of “D” handles, creating a visual aesthetic that is functionally unobtrusive but ergonomically stunning.

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Champagne Brass Cesar Eero Shell Kitchen Handles

Silver Cesar Kitchen Handles

Nickel Nero Brass Cesar Eero Shell Kitchen Handles

Brass Cesar Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Laguna Brass Cesar Eero Shell Handle On Italian Kitchen Cabinetry

Gold Cesar Cabinet Handles

Champagne Brass Cesar Eero Shell Handles On White Fenix Laminate Cabinetry

Italian Cesar Handle Finishes

Our Cesar Eero Shell kitchen handles are available to be integrated into most of our modern Cesar kitchen systems, and are available in a range of finishes. These include refined champagne brass and gloss black nickel, as well as a contemporary white, lagoon, and titanium lacquer. Each handle finish brings with it its own worlds of possibilities. Our Cesar Eero Shell handles can be bold and stand out against opposite hues in kitchen cabinetry, or they can blend in, not drawing attention to themselves but rather remaining there ready to use whenever they are called upon.

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Innovative Kitchen Handles

Our Cesar Eero Shell kitchen handles are a reinterpretation of a classic style. Embodying the essence of the shell that was used in yesteryear, it showcases a design that will look and feel familiar to you. You may have seen it on that antique dresser you used to open at your grandmother’s house. The handles of the filing cabinet your father kept so tidy. The handles of the workbench your family used to create, to fix, and to innovate. As the hand wraps around Cesar Eero Shell, tactile memory floods the senses through the palm of the hand, creating a feeling of familiarity that translates into comfortable productivity. By reinterpreting our Eero Shell kitchen handles, we manage to create a contemporary design that includes an innovative design and decoration element on your individual, customized kitchen.

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Custom Design

At Cesar NYC Kitchens, our kitchen designers are experts in blending aesthetic musings with technological achievements. At your individual kitchen consultation, which will take place at our Manhattan kitchen showroom, we will talk to you about your new kitchen from every angle – from what colors it will be to what overall mood you want to establish, all the way down to the details such as which kitchen handles you will use to pull open your new kitchen cabinets and drawers. Though some kitchen designers may mistakenly think of handles as an afterthought, at Cesar NYC Kitchens, we believe that every detail goes into defining what will unfold in the future within an interior space. Cesar Eero Shell is the perfect encapsulation of this credo. It was designed with utmost care, and its range of color options means that it is able to play a significant role in establishing the visual appeal of the new kitchen you are looking for. The kitchen is a space that is beloved by all in the family. It is where we gather, where we prepare meals, and where we share in nourishment, both through food and through soul-boosting conversation. Every detail in the space can, and should, be recognized as a piece of its spirit and we are here to help you achieve this goal.