Modern Kitchen in Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Kitchen Designer: Bernard Kim
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This residential kitchen project by Cesar is located in the posh New Jersey neighborhood of Englewood Cliffs. The modern Italian kitchen installed utilizes two main kitchen cabinet finishes, dark elm glossy laminate and a glossy light gray brown acid finish glass. The kitchen was custom designed, and replaced the kitchen previously installed in this New Jersey home. The old kitchen in this residence was a traditional style kitchen, which was due to be renewed when renovating the overall interiors of this home.

Our client was looking for a highly modern touch and design throughout his interior space. Our Italian Cesar kitchen cabinet line seemed to suit his taste very well, and our suggested kitchen layout made sure that the new kitchen used the interior space more efficiently and made it more convenient for the owner to prepare meals. The new modern kitchen design made sure that all the benefits of a sleek, contemporary kitchen design were incorporated into the design, while making sure that the overall warmth of the interior space was being retained.

For the kitchen countertops, our design team chose a white stone top, which was being used for the wall cabinet tops and the tops of the free standing kitchen island. In terms of the kitchen island, it was decided to integrate a warm, wooden butcher block as well as an integrated dining table with several seating opportunities as part of the design, and in the same finish as the butcher block. This unique kitchen island design allows up to five people to site around the island while enjoying a meal, facing each other and enjoying ample space around themselves without being limited in space by cabinets or walls. To ensure that the integrated table was functional and resistant, it is being supported by modern, rectangular legs made of stainless steel.

This stunning modern kitchen design wouldn’t be the same without the elegant white marble floor with various natural shades and patterns. Also, the integrated bar and the chance to watch TV, which is integrated above the cabinets next to the kitchen table, while preparing or enjoying a meal, significantly upgrades this kitchen design and was one of the main wishes of our client. In terms of the kitchen appliances, which are provided by the high-end appliance firm Gaggenau, we suggested to fully integrate them. This is why, besides the hood, all other appliances, like the oven, refrigerator, freezer and microwave, are fully covered up, which enhances the beauty and sleekness of this contemporary NJ kitchen.

Photographer © Wing Wong, Memories TTL