Modern Kitchen in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Architect: Niall Cain, NCC Studio; Kitchen Designer: Kobi Aharon, Cesar NYC Kitchens; Interior Designer: Karen Topjian, MCM Designs
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This modern Cesar teak kitchen in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey uses a special type of teak wood, called lava teak laminate. It is a residential kitchen project our kitchen designer Kobi implemented in cooperation with the architect Niall Cain from NCC Studio and Karen Topjian from MCM Designs. Our client had very high expectations regarding their home and interior design and were looking for a unique kitchen layout and architectural interior design that would let the maximum amount of natural sunlight into the space. This is also why so many different parties got involved. We were glad to hear that our client’s expectations were even exceeded through the creation of one expansive open space, where our client could cook, welcome and entertain guests, hold dinner parties, dine and relax. As they often welcome larger groups of guests, it was important to design a kitchen island that allows for easy interaction with others and that was placed adjacent to the large kitchen table with multiple seating options.

Since our client has young children, another design challenge was to create a family friendly space that would consider all the habits and wishes of a young, active family. Especially in the evenings, they also enjoyed watching television, and had the wish to be able to watch TV from within the kitchen space while preparing dinner. Since the living room was connected to the modern Italian designer kitchen, it was possible to simply arrange the kitchen work triangle and the seating facilities in a way that would allow for a direct view of the TV in the living room. Here, the lighting during the day had to be considered and perfectly planned, so the garden and roof windows would let in the ideal amount of daylight at any time of the day.

It was interesting to hear about the family’s cooking habits while working with them on their residential kitchen project in NJ. We learned that the whole family enjoyed preparing meals, which is why it made sense to focus on a functional design with two sinks, extra countertop space through the installation of the kitchen island and two working stations for maximum space and efficiency within the kitchen. Another emphasis was to be put on the available storage space within the kitchen, without the kitchen looking to cluttered. Our kitchen design team suggested the design and installation of additional cabinetry as well as a couple of pull out pantries, which integrate seamlessly into the overall design.

Photographer © Wing Wong, Memories TTL