Cesar Intarsio Modern Kitchen In Fossile Wood

Kitchen Model: Cesar Intarsio // Kitchen Style: Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets // Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer: Cesar // Kitchen Cabinet Finishes & Materials: Rovere Fossile Intarsio Wood, Grigio Billiemi Marble, Rovere Corvino Wood // Tall Kitchen Cabinet Units and Kitchen Island: Rovere Fossile Wood // Kitchen Countertop, Backsplash and Shelf: Grigio Billiemi Marble // Breakfast Bar and Cabinet Doors: Rovere Fossile Wood with Across Lighting // Dining Area: Glass Cabinetry with Black Aluminum Frame, Polished Black Nickel Feet, Fumè Glass Doors, Fumé Glass Shelves and Wood Veneer Carcass // Dining Table: Solido Table in Rovere Corvino Wood // Kitchen Sink: Lavello Block Sink in Grigio Billiemi Marble // Kitchen Shelving: Cesar The 50’s Book Shelf // Kitchen Handles: Black Aluminum Tratto Handles

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Intarsio Kitchen Portrait – Classical Future

The term classical future is what we at Cesar believe describes best this sleek yet innovative modern Intarsio kitchen model. Being characterized by darker shades, both the kitchen and the Cesar The 50’s shelf seem to be the ideal contrast to the white kitchen walls and integrate well with the relatively large interior and kitchen space. With a focus on harmony and enough space to admire and utilize the kitchen at the same time, it seems to be the perfect kitchen design for individual usage and dinner parties alike. With a huge, streamlined and freestanding kitchen island with integrated custom cooktop, this Intarsio kitchen portrait is both, stylish and highly functional. This is why it integrates so well with the connected dining area with a wooden dining table, fumé glass shelves and cabinetry made of glass, black aluminum framing and feet of polished black nickel.

Cesar Intarsio Modern Kitchen in Rovere Fossile Wood and Marble

Kitchen Cabinetry in Rovere Fossile Wood

The very high-end wood kitchen finish Rovere Fossile is used for the kitchen island as well as the tall kitchen cabinets, which matches the Tratto kitchen handles made of black aluminum. These are designed in a way that the tall unit cabinet doors can be left open to use the kitchen shelf and kitchen countertop space, or closed as part of the retractable kitchen door mechanism that closes up the cabinet front to a straight cabinet line that may give the impression of minimalistic kitchen furniture that underlines the classic tone of this modern kitchen design. Besides the integrated kitchen island table in Rovere Fossile wood, all other countertop spaces of this Italian Intarsio kitchen model as well as the kitchen block sink are made of a bright marble called Grigio Billiemi marble. This is a very resistible material that also matches the color tone of the exposed GAGGENAU kitchen appliances in a nice and friendly way.

Cesar Intarsio Kitchen in Rovere Fossile Wood and Marble