Cesar Intarsio Modern Kitchen In Noce Desaturato Wood

Kitchen Model: Cesar Intarsio // Kitchen Style: Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets // Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer: Cesar // Kitchen Cabinet Finishes & Materials: Noce Desaturato Wood, Inox Matt Stainless Steel, Rovere Corvino Intarsio Wood, Nero Lucido Glass // Tall Kitchen Units: Noce Desaturato Tall Cabinets with Inox Matt Steel Niche with Integrated Sink // Kitchen Island: Cesar Williamsburg Island and Workstation in Black Painted Metal Frame with Cabinets in Rovere Corvino Intarsio Wood // Kitchen Island Countertop: Fenix Nero Laminate Top with Jumbo Drawers in Rovere Corvino Wood // Kitchen, Dining and Living Area: The 50’s Shelves in Black Brushed Satin Frame with Built-In Lighting, Furniture in Rovere Corvino Wood and Fumé Glass Shelves // Dining Table: Solido Table in Rovere Corvino Wood // Low Unit Tables: Nero Marquinia Marble Top with Black Aluminum Frame and Polished Black Nickel Feet // Gap Cabinets: Cabinet Doors in Rovere Corvino Wood and Black Glossy Lacquer Glass Countertop // Kitchen Handles: Black Aluminum Tratto Handles, Frame Grip Edging

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Intarsio Kitchen Portrait – Time Bridge

Cesar Intarsio is a contemporary style kitchen that reinvents itself. A time bridge and portrait that leads our imagination from traditional color schemes and tones into modern days. This modern kitchen model demonstrates that there is nothing but a thin line between contemporary kitchen and general interior design. Today’s kitchen, living room and dining space become one, allowing kitchen designers to expand their imagination to dream up and create a space that allows for seamless beauty and coherent design. In this kitchen project, various different kitchen design elements are being combined – our Cesar Intarsio tall kitchen cabinetry with our Cesar Williamsburg kitchen island and The 50’s shelving system that can be found in all interior spaces, and even accommodates two fully visible and stylish high-end kitchen appliances.

Cesar Intarsio Kitchen in Rovere Corvino Wood

Modern Intarsio, Williamsburg and The 50’s Kitchen

Noce Desaturato Intarsio wood is the kitchen cabinet finish that stands out most when entering this award-winning kitchen and interior space. The tall cabinets of this galley style modern kitchen is only interrupted by black Tratto aluminum handles and a symmetric niche with integrated sink that uses Inox stainless steel in a matt finish for the backsplash and kitchen countertop. As soon as this stunning huge kitchen design has been absorbed by one’s eye, the focus shifts to the minimalistic Cesar Williamsburg kitchen island that only includes the most necessary design elements including a set of useful jumbo drawers in a darker Rovere Corvino wood. When touching the kitchen island’s countertop, it soon becomes apparent that the soft-touch material must be Fenix laminate that comes in a black, so-called “Nero” finish. This unique design is rounded off by various other design details, like the gap cabinetry in glossy lacquer glass or the low unit tables in nero Marquinia marble.

Cesar Intarsio Worktop in Rovere Corvino Wood