Cesar Kalea Modern Kitchen in Lacquer

Kitchen Model: Cesar Kalea // Kitchen Style: Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets // Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer: Cesar // Kitchen Cabinet Finishes & Materials: Clay Rough Oak Wood and Glossy Mustard Lacquer // Kitchen Wall and Tall Cabinet Unit Doors: Clay Rough Oak Base // Kitchen Base and Tall Cabinet Unit Doors: Glossy Mustard Lacquer // Kitchen Handles: Lexi, Chromed Aluminum and Push-Pull Opening Device // Kitchen Base Units with 2 cm / 0.8 cm Gris Serena Composite Top // Kitchen Island Top and Side Panels: Glossy Mustard Lacquer, 1.2 cm / 0.5 inches // Kitchen Composite Food Preparation Unit: Gris Serena, 4 cm / 1.6 inches // Kitchen Wall Unit Side Panels: Clay Rough Oak Wood, 1.4 cm / 0.6 inches // Kitchen Open Cabinet Units: Trilli, Glossy Mustard Lacquer, 1.2 cm / 0.5 inches // Kitchen Hood: By Sklok

Please note that our Cesar Kalea kitchen model is now available under the name Cesar Maxima 2.2.

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Cesar Kalea Kitchen Project Description

The above colored kitchen design uses our Cesar Kalea kitchen model in a glossy mustard yellow kitchen cabinet finish in combination with a high-end oak wood kitchen cabinet finish in a Clay tone and a rough texture. This kitchen model is now available at our Cesar NYC kitchen showroom as our Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen. The beautiful yellow mustard color is being used for the kitchen base and tall unit cabinet doors, same as for the kitchen island top and side panels, which gives this residential kitchen project a very trendy, innovative look. The oak wood cabinet finish was in turn used for the wall and tall kitchen cabinet units.

Yellow And Brown Cesar Kalea Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Design Accessories

In terms of kitchen features and design accessories, a kitchen opening mechanism called Lexi was chosen that comes in a chromed aluminum finish and can be opened through a push-pull opening device. The kitchen island forms the centerpiece of the kitchen space and comes in a L-shaped form that has a table with a sleek metal leg integrated as part of the design. For the countertop, a so-called Gris Serena top was chosen in a composite finish. The same cabinet finish was used for the kitchen’s food preparation unit. The very minimalistic kitchen hood was included in a sleek, elegant way and is provided by the company Sklok. The light gray kitchen flooring and interior design elements in white and gray tones make this modern kitchen a desired design for many of our NYC clients.