Cesar Kalea Modern Kitchen in Oak

Kitchen Model: Cesar Kalea // Kitchen Style: Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets // Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer: Cesar // Kitchen Cabinet Finishes & Materials: White Lacquer and Rough Oak // Kitchen Base Cabinet Unit Doors: White Lacquer // Kitchen Tall Cabinets: Rough Oak // Kitchen Opening Mechanism: Push-Pull Opening Device // Kitchen Top Base Units: Glacier White Corian // Tall Unit Side Panels: White Lacquer and Rough Oak // Food Preparation Unit: Clarion, Glacier White Corian Top and White Metal Structure // Open Kitchen Units: Trilli, Bleached Rough Oak

Please note that our Cesar Kalea kitchen model is now available under the name Cesar Maxima 2.2.

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Cesar Kalea Loft Style Kitchen

Our Cesar Kalea kitchen model, now available at our Cesar NYC kitchen flagship store as part of our best-selling Cesar Maxima 2.2. Italian kitchen line, is very suitable for NYC homeowners. It can be nicely integrated into any type of loft or city apartment, and delights the owner with its clean, simplistic look and design. Here, a matte white lacquer was used as the main kitchen cabinet finish, which is being combined with a wall-hung cabinet made of rough oak wood. This creates a nice, bright look that integrates well with the interior space and reflects the natural light from the huge window front in a beautiful way. The kitchen layout chosen is a galley style kitchen that includes a very long, unique kitchen table, hence forming a L-shape. The kitchen table has one diagonal leg in a white finish that makes it clear that this is real, high-end kitchen design.

Cesar Contemporary White Kalea Kitchen

Chic, Elegant Kitchen Design Elements

Today’s trending kitchen designs often abstain from using kitchen handles to underline the clean look and design of the cabinetry. For the above residential kitchen, all cabinetry can be opened using a high-end push pull opening mechanism, which makes it very convenient and easy to open all of these chic cabinet doors. In terms of the kitchen countertop, a glacier white Corian countertop was chosen. The horizontal line of the countertop and kitchen table underline this elegant kitchen design, same as the open wall shelving with opportunities for additional storage as well as as an added design element. The lighting of this residential kitchen project was is mostly achieved through the vast natural light, while in the evenings, the three beautiful designer lamps and the indirect under-cabinet lighting provide ample of highlights and possibilities to enjoy cozy evenings at home.