Modern Luxury Kitchen Project in Chelsea, NYC

Kitchen Designer: Enrico Donaruma
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Our client approached our Cesar NYC kitchen flagship store because they were planning to renovate their entire apartment in the heart of Chelsea, New York City. They started working with our kitchen designer team early on in this residential renovation project since the kitchen was supposed to be the center and design highlight within their open concept kitchen and living room space. Because of its open exposure, the kitchen layout, design and cabinet finish choice was of utmost importance to the client. Also, it was important to choose a relatively neutral color scheme that would integrate well with the interior design of the home.

The modern Italian kitchen used for this project is our minimalistic, award-winning Italian Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen model. The client chose a very innovative, soft-touch black Fenix Laminate as the main cabinet finish for the kitchen base, tall and wall cabinets as well as the kitchen island. Our Cesar Fenix finishes are internationally patented, and are very resistant and durable while creating beautiful, matte aesthetics and a warm atmosphere within the home. The kitchen countertop is made of an absolute black honed granite top, which integrates well with the sleekness of the black kitchen cabinet doors, and fully enhances this modern, residential kitchen without any connection to a wall.

Our kitchen design team suggested to work with open kitchen shelves, mirrors and indirect minimalistic under-cabinet lighting to balance out the impact and beauty of this unique, black NYC designer kitchen project. The mirrors are additionally placed behind the black Fenix Laminate kitchen shelves, which optically opens up our client’s interior space. There were horizontal channels used made of aluminum, which are in conversation with the horizontal linear lighting, function and design elements that make this Italian custom Cesar kitchen design so stunning.

There are black blended kitchen appliances used to create a trendy, seamless, minimalistic look, so the modern kitchen appears as one whole piece with various details and design facets that can be admired on second sight, when having a little closer look at the whole custom kitchen layout and design. The kitchen’s cooktop and oven are fully exposed and made of black glass, while the refrigerator and dishwasher are integrated into the kitchen, making them only visible whenever using the high-end kitchen appliances.

Photographer © Costas Picadas