Modern Custom Kitchen in Leonia, NJ

Architect: Niall Cain, NCC Studio, Kitchen Designer: Kobi Aharon
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This stunning, bright kitchen project in Leonia, New Jersey is often complemented by our potential clients in NYC and NJ. What people like about this kitchen is the combination of contrasts in one kitchen design, which gets additionally highlighted through the extremely bright and friendly interior as a result of wide windows and few walls. Our design team still managed to incorporate several storage facilities, which makes this modern kitchen not just pretty, but also extremely functional. Because our client had a particular good eye for interior design, we assisted her with the major interior design decisions, like the very innovative and creative silver lamp, the exact installation of the stainless steel hood, the placement of interior design items as well as indirect undercabinet lighting to create an elite effect.

This New Jersey kitchen is part of a suburbian house with a contemporary touch. It Is surrounded by a large garden, which can be used for barbeque and pool parties, which our client hosts frequently. The idea was to design a kitchen that would facilitate the hosting of such parties, while allowing during the autumn and winter months to move these events to the interiors of the residence. It was a pleasure to work with a client on this kitchen project, who knew exactly what she was looking for. Our client also had a preference for ZEN inspired designs and practices, and personally enjoyed the benefits alternative practices, like meditation and yoga provided. One wish was to create a design that would have a similar relaxing and calming impact on the owner and guests.

The kitchen cabinet finishes used for this residential kitchen were white shiny lacquer and a white glass finish. These neutral color schemes offered a nice, yet peaceful contrast to the wooden kitchen table, benches and tall wall cabinets in the same wooden finish. As part of the design, the home’s industrial style metal stand was on purpose left exposed in order to become part of the kitchen island’s design. For the kitchen’s and kitchen island’s countertops, a white stone finish by Caesarstone was chosen. In terms of the kitchen appliances, the high-end kitchen appliances by Gaggenau are being used. The color of the kitchen flooring was intentionally chosen to be a slightly different hue of white, which creates another subtle contrast that doesn’t disturb the eye, but ensures another peaceful, calming effect on our client’s body, mind and soul.

Photographer © Wing Wong, Memories TTL