Kitchen Lighting At Cesar NYC

Our Cesar kitchen lighting design solutions are a kitchen feature that offer unique opportunities to infuse lighting and brightness into your kitchen space. This helps in boosting productivity while working in the kitchen by adding luminescence to various nooks and crannies of the kitchen space, including inside of base, tall units and jumbo kitchen drawers. The result is an atmospheric shift to a kitchen space that is infused with life and possibility, with illumination drawing oneself into each storage area with a subtle elegance and making it possible to explore what is inside. Learn more about our Italian kitchen lighting and design solutions at Cesar NYC Kitchens by reading the article below.

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Kitchen Tall Cabinets By Cesar

For practical and elegant interior lighting of base, wall and tall kitchen cabinet units, our Cesar LED kitchen lights are recessed vertically into the side panel of your kitchen or horizontally into the over-shelf above the kitchen units.

Kitchen Open Base Cabinets By Cesar NYC Kitchens

The inside of the kitchen base units with jumbo drawers can be provided with a kitchen light that projects outwards and lights up the kitchen unit whenever the drawer is open.

Kitchen Base Cabinets By Cesar

The LED lights can be integrated in a recessed way into the bottom panel of the kitchen’s wall cabinet units to create a pleasant mood in the kitchen as well as a discreet and functional atmosphere.

Cesar Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Kitchen LED lighting can even be fitted in the frame of dish-drainer kitchen racks for excellent visibility in the kitchen work area.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Options

Our Italian Cesar kitchen lighting design includes adding light to the base, wall and tall units of our Cesar kitchen cabinet lines. This means that the LED lighting can be installed by the kitchen base, wall and tall units, either recessed vertically into a side kitchen panel, or horizontally into the over-shelf space above the kitchen cabinet units. Adding lighting into jumbo drawers creates a kitchen experience that is filled with fluidity, productivity, and peace of mind. The user experience is enhanced greatly when the user of the kitchen space opens a drawer to find professionally designed Cesar kitchen lighting. Sometimes unexpected, kitchen lighting in jumbo drawers allows for an ease of use that users sometimes don’t even realize they are missing until they have experienced it. Our Cesar NYC kitchen lighting design includes under wall unit and cabinet lighting, which creates an overall ambiance of warmth and approachability while also boosting functionality and remaining subtle. Our Italian Cesar kitchen lighting is usually recessed into the bottom panel of wall units, but can be custom integrated according to your wishes and specifications.

Sherwood Oak Ariel Kitchen Cesar

Additional Kitchen Lighting Options

Adding lighting to your kitchen’s wall and base cabinet units and into your kitchen drawers is a signature of our Cesar kitchen design, but it is not where the possibilities end for custom lighting design in your new designer kitchen. Our Cesar NYC kitchen designers are skilled at creating innovative, unique design solutions for each kitchen, which may include adding lighting to spaces that are typically unlit. For example, adding lighting into the dish-drying rack next to the sink can add an increased level of luxury, functionality, and ease of use. This underutilized lighting space is often overlooked, but the possibilities that lie within it are bright and filled with life. At our Cesar NYC kitchen showroom, lighting design is one of our fortes. We believe that both natural and artificial lighting can elevate a space aesthetically, functionally, and ergonomically. We are excited to share our expertise with you and would love to discuss lighting possibilities for your custom kitchen in an in-showroom consultation at our Cesar flagship store in Flatiron District, Manhattan.