Cesar Modern Maxima 2.2 Steel Kitchen

Kitchen Model: Cesar Maxima 2.2 Kitchen // Kitchen Style: Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets // Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer: Cesar // Kitchen Cabinet Finishes & Materials: Stainless Steel, Mud Fenix Laminate, Work Island: Cabinet Door with Step Grip Edging in Stainless Steel, Tall Kitchen Cabinet Units: Mud Fenix Laminate Doors // Countertop: Hot-Laminated Steel // Kitchen Handles: Titanium Finish // Framing Element and Tall Units with Retracting Doors // Interior Door: Frame Grip Edging, Mud Fenix Laminate

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Finish

At our Cesar NYC Kitchen Showroom, there are a variety of kitchen models on display. From time to time, we also display one of our stainless steel kitchen models. The above modern Italian Maxima 2.2 kitchen is one of our most popular kitchen models in NYC. If you are a fan of stainless steel, whether for your own residential kitchen, or a commercial kitchen project, visit our kitchen showroom in Flatiron District, Manhattan to find out more about our kitchen cabinet finish offer and design options. This Cesar kitchen model uses stainless steel as the main kitchen cabinet finish as well as for the countertop. However, to mix up the style a little bit, our design team of kitchen designers decided to bring in another cabinet finish. A mud colored soft touch Fenix laminate seemed to be the right cabinet finish since it integrates well with the shiny, clean style of a stainless steel kitchen while also guaranteeing maximum durability and functionality. To be able to transform the kitchen space slightly, the kitchen comes with retractable doors that can change the style of the cooking area into a slightly sleeker space with tall, high cabinet doors.

Stainless Steel Kitchen

Use Of Metal In Modern Kitchens

Many of our clients at Cesar NYC Kitchens like the look of stainless steel in their modern residential kitchens. This is a trend that can be seen today, same as back in the days when modern, sleek custom cabinetry was first designed. While our kitchen design team usually hides stainless steel kitchen appliances, like refrigerators, steam ovens or microwaves in cabinets to create a clean look, it can sometimes create a very modern, trendy look to leave them openly exposed. You can also choose to have your whole or a certain part of your modern Italian Maxima 2.2 kitchen made of stainless steel. Our kitchen designers are here to help and assist in making the right decisions. Please be aware that any of our modern kitchen models at Cesar can be produced in stainless steel.