Cesar Maxima 2.2 Modern Laminate Kitchen

Kitchen Model: Cesar Maxima 2.2 // Kitchen Style: Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets // Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer: Cesar // Kitchen Cabinet Finishes & Materials: Resina Deserto Melamine Laminate and Ossido Zinco Melamine Premium Laminate // Base Kitchen Units: Kitchen Cabinet Doors with 30° Grip Recess Edges in Resina Deserto Melamine Premium Laminate // Kitchen Countertops: Piombo Fenix Laminate Worktops // Kitchen Backsplash: in Ossido Zinco Melamine Premium Laminate // Tall Kitchen Cabinet Units: Cabinet Doors with 30° Grip Recess Edges in Resina Deserto and Ossido Zinco Melamine Premium Laminate

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Cesar Maxima 2.2 Laminate Kitchen Characteristics

This sleek white kitchen design uses our most popular kitchen model at Cesar, which is called Maxima 2.2. It is our most versatile and well-known modern kitchen line at Cesar NYC Kitchens, and in this specific kitchen project comes in two different premium laminate kitchen cabinet finishes, called Resina Deserto melamine and Ossido Zinco melamine. While our clients in the US may assume that our melamine or laminate finishes may compromise with the quality of the kitchen cabinetry used, they are often surprised to hear that our melamine and premium laminate finishes are our most durable and at the same time most affordable kitchen cabinet finishes at Cesar as a result of a special production process that focusses equally on design and quality.

White Sleek Maxima Kitchen By Cesar

Maxima Kitchen Design Features

In this contemporary custom kitchen project, all base and tall cabinet units use our grip recess opening mechanisms, which incorporates 30° cabinet edges at the top of the cabinet doors, hence allowing an easy and smooth opening of all cabinet doors. The dark finish used for the recesses form a nice contrast to both, the white kitchen cabinets as well as the kitchen countertops, which are made of a so-called Piombo Fenix laminate, which has a smooth texture while being particularly scratch resistant. This is a very innovative material recently used in kitchen design that has been patented and can be experienced when visiting our Cesar NYC kitchen showroom, where we have a kitchen with a Fenix laminate countertop on display, same as multiple other Fenix samples available to see and touch. In terms of the kitchen backsplash, the same Ossido Zinco finish was used as for the kitchen tall cabinetry, which allows for plenty of cooking within this modern kitchen space without needing to worry about possible splashes or impacts on the kitchen wall.