Cesar N_Elle Modern Kitchen in Natural Wood

Kitchen Model: Cesar N_Elle // Kitchen Style: Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets // Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer: Cesar // Kitchen Cabinet Finishes & Materials: Rovere Natural Wood, Inox Mat Steel Top, Plumbeo Structured Lacquer // Kitchen Cabinet Doors: Natural Wood, 2.2cm thick, push-to-open doors // Tall Unit Doors: Plumbeo Strucutured Lacquer // Kitchen Cabinet Handles: 45 degree modular edges, top with grip recess in Inox Mat steel, inside grip edging // Kitchen Countertop: Inox Mat Steel Top, Grey Saint Laurent Marble and Rovere Natural Top // Food Preparation Unit: Rovere Natural Wood // Kitchen Shelving Units: Trilli open shelving units in Plumbeo Structured Lacquer

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N_Elle Cabinet Finishes

For this modern kitchen design, a very light, natural wood finish was chosen. Because of the transparent glass doors of the villa, the kitchen is equally visible from within and outside of the home. The N_Elle kitchen model was chosen, both for the kitchen as well as for the living room design. Here, the same natural wood cabinet finish was chosen for the elegant, sleek long cabinets just above the floor. They consist of several wood units that can be opened separately via a push pull opening mechanism. The open shelf and cupboard in the living room have again the same Plumbeo structured lacquer finish as the kitchen tall cabinets. The cupboard includes black glass shelving units that have the same design and style as the black kitchen appliances in the room next door.

Cesar N_ELLE Custom Kitchen Rough Wood Material

Modern Kitchen Layout and Style

These modern kitchen cabinets in natural wood uses under cabinet lighting to emphasize the cabinet shelves, especially at night. The kitchen has a galley style layout with a freestanding kitchen island. The material of the kitchen countertop is Inox Mat Steel, and the kitchen island includes a natural wood breakfast bar with several seating options. The doors of the kitchen cabinetry are 2.2cm / 0.9 inches thick and have handle-less cabinets with push to open doors. All cabinet tops have 45 degree modular edges, which allow an easy and quick opening of all cabinet doors. The dark gray in Plumbeo structured lacquer kitchen shelving units form a nice contrast to the kitchen in one finish, and visually open up the space. This kitchen design is available in any desired kitchen layout and custom kitchen style. You can get more information about this modern Cesar N_Elle kitchen model in our Cesar NYC kitchen showroom in Manhattan.