Cesar N_Elle Modern Kitchen In Marble

Grey Saint Laurent Marble Kitchen Island, Gloss Cenere Lacquer Tall Kitchen Cabinets // Tall Larder and Oven Units: Gloss Cenere Lacquer, 30° Grip Edges Opening Mechanism, Vertical Grip Recesses // Kitchen Island: in Grey Saint Laurent Marble with a Leather Finish, Push-to-open Fronts, Integrated Cooktop and Sink

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Marble Kitchen Design In NYC

At Cesar NYC, one of our most popular modern kitchen finishes is marble. Our clients can choose if they want the whole kitchen to be made of marble, or parts of it, like the kitchen island, the wall or tall cabinets. We invite our prospect customers to visit our Cesar NYC Kitchen Showroom in Flatiron District, Manhattan (on West 23rd Street between 5th and 6th Ave) to see our kitchen models on display, including our Cesar kitchen display with a marble backsplash and kitchen island and retractable doors. We work with two different marble finishes, that are both sourced by our Cesar HQ near Venice in Norther Italy, Europe. These materials have a so-called leather kitchen cabinet finish, that gives them a soft and smooth texture. More importantly, it also makes the marble more durable and protects it for its day-to-day use, in contrast to other kitchen marble finishes. You can always ask our Cesar NYC kitchen designers for more information if you are looking for a modern marble kitchen.

Italian Tall Lacquer Cesar Kitchen´

New Elle Kitchen in Saint Laurent Marble

Our modern Italian N_Elle or New Elle kitchen model has been relaunched recently with completely new kitchen cabinet material and finish options. The kitchen you can see above comes in a bright gray, as well as a dark gray so-called Saint Laurent marble finish. To make the marble stand out even more, it was combined with a glossy Cenere lacquer. Many of our modern kitchen models don’t have handles anymore to emphasize the sleekness of the cabinetry. For this kitchen model, our kitchen designers chose an opening mechanism that incorporates 30° grip edges as well as vertical grip recesses with push to open fronts. The cooktop is integrated into the marble countertop, same as the sink. Many of our clients are surprised that this marble kitchen island has numerous storage facilities. It hence doesn’t just look stunning, but also makes this kitchen fully practical and functional. Visit our Cesar NYC kitchen showroom to find more about our custom kitchen designs and solutions, or simply set up a complimentary kitchen appointment.

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