Cesar Noa Transitional Kitchen in Magnolia Pine

Kitchen Model: Cesar Noa // Kitchen Style: Transitional Italian Kitchen Cabinets // Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer: Cesar // Kitchen Cabinet Finishes & Materials: Magnolia Yellow Pine Door // Kitchen Wall Unit Doors: with 0.5 cm / 0.2 inches Thickness, Satin Tempered Kitchen Glass Panels // Kitchen Door Knobs: Stone Finish Metal Noa Door Knobs, 6 cm / 2.4 inches Thickness // Kitchen Countertop: in Snow Finish Laminate, 2.5 cm / 1 inch Thickness // Kitchen Food Preparation Island Base Unit and Magnolia Yellow Pine Tall Kitchen Unit: Cesar Noa End Element // Kitchen Shelves: in Pine, 4 cm / 1.6 inch Thickness, Magnolia Yellow Pine Shelves // Kitchen Features: Stainless steel, Tiled Backsplash, Noa Wall-Hung Kitchen Hood

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Transitional High-End Kitchen Design

For our NYC clients that are looking for a transitional-style kitchen design, our Cesar Noa custom kitchen line often seems a good choice. This kitchen model is offered by our Cesar NYC kitchen flagship showroom in a variety of cabinet finishes, one of them being magnolia yellow pine as used for the above residential kitchen design project. The kitchen cabinet doors have a thickness of 0.2 inches and some of the wall kitchen cabinetry comes with typical transitional glass panel doors with a tempered satin glass finish. The cabinet doors can be opened with our Cesar Noa door knobs. For this kitchen project, metal door knobs were chosen with a stone finish. In terms of the kitchen countertop, a 1 inch thick laminate countertop was used in a white, so-called snow finish, that is very stylish and durable at the same time.

White Noa Custom Transitional Kitchen Cesar NYC

Kitchen Base Cabinets and Shelves

For the kitchen base cabinet units and the tall cabinet units, the same yellow pine kitchen cabinet finish was used. To integrate them with one another, a Cesar Noa end element was used. For the kitchen shelving, our kitchen design team used some open shelving units in pine wood and a thickness of 1.6 inches. Some other kitchen features include the tiled backsplash, the same kitchen tiles also being used for the front of the otherwise stainless steel, wall-hung kitchen hood. These tiles go hand in hand with the dark flooring that was used to create a nice contrast to the white bright base, tall and wall cabinetry in this residential Italian kitchen. The transitional look was further enhanced through the use of a wooden butcher block that integrates well with the countertop of the kitchen’s food preparation unit.