Modern Luxury Kitchen in Old Greenwich, CT

Kitchen Designer: Gregory Hitchcock
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This kitchen and bath renovation project is located in Old Greenwich, Connecticut and was designed by our Cesar senior kitchen designer Gregory Hitchcock. Our kitchen client was looking for a new kitchen as well as bathroom vanities in the exact same kitchen cabinet finish, to create a ‘one style design’ throughout his home. The client wanted the modern kitchen to be part of his open space kitchen and living room concept, which allows the chef a view of the living room and outside gardens while preparing a meal. This also provides plenty of space to move and welcome guests within the living room with integrated kitchen, which works really well with the sleek, minimalistic design of the rest of the interiors.

Since strong contrasts are very fashionable these days, the main cabinet finish chosen for the kitchen and the vanities was heat-treated oak, which is a special type of oak wood that is treated with heat to make it look darker and become more durable. This cabinet finish is a very innovative material recently used in modern kitchens, and hence one of our most popular kitchen materials at Cesar NYC Kitchens, since it can be combined with almost any other kitchen finish. In case of this residential kitchen project, our client desired heat-treated oak as the main kitchen cabinet finish, and combined it with wall cabinets in a gray acid etched glass kitchen finish on aluminum frame, which works very well to create a high-end atmosphere as well as an elegant touch.

The kitchen island in heat-treated oak and a Geo Luxe waterfall countertop was designed in a way to allow for both, storage space and seating opportunity for up to six people. Using waterfall countertops in modern kitchen design is another trend used frequently by our Cesar NYC kitchen designers, and very popular amongst our clients. The kitchen design and layout was thoroughly thought through, making sure it doesn’t just consider design aspects, but also functional considerations. Our Cesar team also made sure to consider social aspects, so that guests, family and friends of the owner could communicate with the chef at any time. The kitchen appliances chosen for this kitchen project are provided by the high-end kitchen manufacturer Gaggenau, which is a German brand that we recommend using for any of our high-end kitchen lines so the quality of the cabinetry and the appliances go hand in hand with one another.

Photographer © Costas Picadas