Modern Custom Kitchen in Pound Ridge, NY

Interior Designer: Susan Hughes, Modify Interiors, Kitchen Designer: Kobi Aharon
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This high end Italian kitchen, which uses our modern Cesar N_Elle kitchen model, is situated within a spectacular modern home in Pound Ridge, Westchester, Upstate New York, that belongs to an art collector and design enthusiast. The design of this innovative, stylish home at large is reflective of the homeowner’s artistic passions in its employ of architectural and design elements driven by shape and style. The result is a residence and home that has a strong and discernible contemporary character that is both elegant and modern. What makes this home in Pound Ridge, NY unique are definitely its round glass window fronts that allow lots of daylight to enter the space while also providing stunning views of the exteriors, so that the outside and inside almost become one.

The lead designer on this residential kitchen project was our Cesar NYC kitchen designer Kobi Aharon, who collaborated with Modify Interiors’ Susan Hughes, an interior designer, to dream up a kitchen that could live up to the high standards of style and personality established throughout the rest of the home. To work towards this goal, they selected Cesar’s N_Elle kitchen model with a high gloss white lacquer kitchen cabinet finish, which is paired in this space with white Caesarstone quartz kitchen countertops. A backsplash was employed to add a burst of texture to the walls of the interior space.

These style choices in combination with our modern Italian Cesar kitchen cabinets ultimately create an aesthetic of brightness and an openness that boosts a feeling of creativity. This ensures that the space is given an almost gallery-like feel, which enhances the power of the homeowner’s art collection, which has been cultivated over the course of decades. To make sure that the functionality of this Italian kitchen is just as perfect as its design, kitchen appliances by the German high-end appliance firm Gaggenau were used in a luxury edition that is of the highest quality. In order to set a statement and create an industrial style look, some of the appliances used in this interior space, like the coffee machine and the oven, were left openly exposed. The result of this stunning residential kitchen project is a timeless kitchen that integrates seamlessly into the kitchen and interior space and gives the art pieces of the home enough space to breathe and stand out.

Photographer © Susan Hughes