Modern Italian Kitchen in Ridgewood, NJ

Kitchen Designer: Kobi Aharon
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This modern Italian Cesar kitchen in Ridgewood, New Jersey is made of high-end teak wood cabinetry. It is a perfect example of how the interior architectural and kitchen planning decisions were interdependent on one another. Our kitchen designer Kobi Aharon suggested to use one main cabinet finish for this kitchen design to create a sense of unity and warmth. These cabinets can be opened with a so-called finger pull mechanism that sacrifices the use of handles. The only other cabinet finish used is dark etched glass for one wall cabinet, which is nicely placed on the left hand side of the window. The kitchen layout itself has an L shape with a freestanding kitchen island in the center of the kitchen. The interior space features very high ceilings, which creates a majestic atmosphere and gives the area enough space to breathe and fully expand its designs.

This residential kitchen project is part of an open concept kitchen, where the kitchen becomes part of the living room space as well as the interiors of the overall home, since the kitchen is visible from most living areas within the house, including the staircase and first floor. This is further enhanced through the architect’s decision not to extend the freestanding kitchen wall to the ceiling, but to let it end shortly above the tall teak kitchen cabinets. The teak wood veneer is a nice contrast to the dark stone countertops, which are being used on the wall cabinets as well as the kitchen island, and are being provided by Caesarstone. All kitchen appliances were chosen from the high-end appliance firm Subzero, leaving both the refrigerator and the ovens in stainless steel fully exposed. This continues the featuring of stainless steel throughout the home, which is also used for the stairway railing as well as the stools arranged around the kitchen island.

This Ridgewood home can be characterized by a lot of brightness due to plenty of sunlight entering the room from different angles, like the huge centrally located kitchen window, the full glass terrace door, as well as the ceiling windows and wall windows above the home’s stairs. This kitchen project isn’t just a homeowner’s and designer’s dream, but also very functional with lots of storage space. Its huge kitchen island serves both, as a dining area and a suitable countertop for food preparation and cutting work. The base cabinet’s top includes a sink and a cooktop, with a hood integrated elegantly into the upper wall.

Photographer © Wing Wong, Memories TTL