Modern Custom Kitchen in Scarsdale, NY

Architect: SPG Architects, Kitchen Designer: Kobi Aharon
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For this exciting residential project, our designers were approached before the architect of a brand new home in an upscale neighborhood. The very design-savvy owners, who are drawn to modern architecture, wanted to design a dream kitchen and have a dream home built around it. The design of the overall home, including the kitchen, is breathtaking.

The home is occupied by a busy, successful family of two professionals with three children. The kitchen design is clean and simple and features pantries with significant volume and height to one side. A kitchen island features counter-height seating, and the space also features a kitchen dining area with a round table. Finishes used in the kitchen include natural wood walnut veneer combined with high-gloss white lacquer. The countertops in the space are white corian with a thickness of one half an inch in a waterfall style. The tall Italian kitchen cabinet unit features a retractable door unit for small appliances.

The same walnut finish as the kitchen was used in the bar area of the home. Other modern unique kitchen design features in the space include a large window over the cooking space for nature views while cooking and several high-end design elements throughout the home. The large window is a great source of natural light, which mingles well with the light colors of the finishes in the space, natural wood walnut veneer and high-gloss white lacquer.

One challenge of this project was that the kitchen needed to be integrated into the overall design lines of both the interior and the exterior of the home, with the lines of the kitchen acting as a continuation of the outside architecture of the home. Our designers were able to work closely with the home’s architect while dreaming up the kitchen design and balancing how it would meld with the rest of the home’s design and construction.

Photographer © Peter Murdock