Modern Kitchen in Scarsdale, Westchester NY

Kitchen Designer: Kobi Aharon
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This exceptional modern kitchen was designed by our senior kitchen designer Kobi Aharon and is located in Scarsdale, in a very elegant neighborhood in Westchester, New York. The kitchen model used for this project is our Maxima 2.2 kitchen, which is the most popular Cesar kitchen model in the tri-state area.

The client approached our Cesar NYC kitchen showroom because they were looking for an award-winning kitchen in their beautiful, contemporary home. Their home’s kitchen is part of their open concept living room, which is why the aesthetics played an even more important role. The client was looking for a high-end, functional kitchen that would perfectly integrate into their space and include a kitchen island with four seating possibilities.

Our kitchen designer Kobi suggested to use walnut wood as the main kitchen material, especially for the tall cabinets, wall cabinets and the integrated kitchen table. This also helped in creating a warm, lively atmosphere, and is the ideal contrast for the base cabinets and kitchen island in the acid finish glass Plumbeo. To visually increase the size of the space, an eco cement finish was used for the kitchen cabinets on either side of the tall cabinets. The white stone countertops perfectly round off this unique kitchen in Westchester, NY.

Photographer © Costas Picadas