Kitchen Sinks At Cesar NYC

Our custom kitchen designs at Cesar NYC Kitchens usually include kitchen sinks. The kitchens we offer often form the heart of the home, with the kitchen sink being the sturdy thumping that gives the heart its beat. Even more than the kitchen cooktop, the kitchen sink tends to be the in the center of the kitchen space. Sinks contribute to the overall picture of what unfolds in the kitchen. It is a space to create, a space to prepare, a space to clean, and a space to nourish. Learn more about kitchen sinks and related kitchen features here.

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Cesar White Kitchen Island With Oak Table

The stainless steel sink contrasts here with the bush-hammered surface of the stoneware kitchen countertop. The double depth of the sink makes for a professional washing-up area.

Red Integrated Kitchen Sink Made Of Fenix Laminate

The latest kitchen trend is to use a sink in stainless steel covered up with soft touch Fenix laminate in a color of your choice, like this one here in red Jaipur Fenix Laminate.

Cesar Kitchen With Integrated Sink

The Kelya Dekton single-bowl sink is fully integrated into the countertop, creating seamless aesthetics and uninterrupted functionality.

Cesar Kalea Kitchen In Steel

The sink with a single, square, stainless steel bowl is mounted under the hot-laminated steel kitchen countertop.

Cesar Gray Marble Kitchen Island

This Cesar marble kitchen sink is part of a one piece kitchen island and was sourced near our Cesar kitchen factory in Northern Italy.

Cesar NYC Steel Countertop With Sink

The sink with a single, square, stainless steel bowl is mounted under the hot-laminated steel countertop.

Kitchen Sink Options

There are various considerations to make when choosing your kitchen sink. They generally provide an opportunity for definition of style that embodies the aesthetic, functionality and ergonomic ease that you desire from an ideal kitchen design. A variety of options in kitchen sinks allow you to pick the option that is best for you. Our kitchen designers, who are experts in kitchen design and kitchen ergonomics as well as the latest advances in kitchen technology, can assist you in determining which sink size, shape and function will best suit your lifestyle. At Cesar NYC Kitchens, every kitchen project is coupled with an initial, complimentary kitchen consultation, in which you will have an involved, personal discussion with one of Cesar NYC’s designers about the kitchen you envision and the ways that Cesar NYC can help to accomplish that dream. At that consultation, your designer will show you a variety of kitchen sink options, which will allow you to imagine what type of sink will suit your kitchen needs the best.

Cesar Sleek Lacquer Kitchen In Pound Ridge NY

Different Types Of Sinks

  • Stainless Steel Sinks: Stainless steel sinks are a beautiful stylistic choice, often dancing with bush-hammered surfaces of stoneware countertops. Here, a double-depth kitchen sink creates a cleaning area that feels professional in its capability and flexibility, perfect for the busy and ambitious home chef.
  • Single Square Sinks: In this kitchen sink option, a single square stainless steel bowl is coupled with a hot-laminated steel countertop, creating a stunning visual aesthetic while creating a productive space for prep and cleaning.
  • Kelya Dekton Sinks: The Kelya Dekton sink is a kitchen feature characterized by a single bowl that is seamlessly integrated into a countertop. This creates visual continuity and a seamless workflow, boosting the sink’s functionality by drawing it into the rhythm and flow of the work that unfolds in the kitchen.