Modern Italian Kitchen in Sparta, NJ

Kitchen Designer: Kobi Aharon
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This New Jersey based home is located in Sparta, NJ. Our client approached us because they were looking for a luxury modern style kitchen for their residential home. Our kitchen designer Kobi Aharon designed a modern Italian kitchen for them using our Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen model. One of the kitchen cabinet finishes used is a beige colored matte acid finish glass. This finish is being combined with a dark elm wood cabinet finish for the tall cabinets and the kitchen island. The same elm wooden finish is also used for the table within the kitchen, which creates in combination with the glass finish a nice contrast, yet a coherent style. For the base cabinets, a bright so-called clay silk lacquer kitchen cabinet finish was chosen, since it is a very high-end still durable material that worked well for this specific kitchen design.

The layout of this residential kitchen project is a galley style, which is being characterized by one long, straight kitchen working area. This was the best layout to be suggested within the rather limited kitchen space, and the one desired by our client. It was important for the client to maximize lighting within the kitchen space, and the huge window within the interiors was the best prerequisite to consider this wish in the design planning. The sink was placed right below the window, so our client could enjoy a view while washing the dishes. There were elegant, subtle shelves arranged on either side of the window to emphasize the beautiful view and so not to take away any natural lighting.

The beautiful view can hence also be enjoyed from the seating areas by the kitchen island and the integrated living room table. The seating around the wooden kitchen island was arranged in a way that our client could do some work in the kitchen while up to three people could sit right next to the main kitchen area, allowing for conversations and social gatherings. The kitchen island uses a dark gray soap stone countertop, which is a very robust material that was also used for the working area by the kitchen’s cook top. In terms of the kitchen appliances, the client decided to use Miele as well as Kitchen Aid appliances. While some of them were placed behind the kitchen’s cabinet doors, the large refrigerator and the ovens were left fully exposed to become part of this unique, stunning modern kitchen design.

Photographer © Wing Wong, Memories TTL