Cesar “The 50’s” Book Shelf System

Our Italian Cesar The 50’s book shelf system is an innovative, custom shelf design concept that can be combined with any of our modern Cesar kitchen models. It is available in a variety of shelf finishes and colors, and can be easily integrated with any interior space and design, whether it is your kitchen, living room or dining room space. When integrating our Cesar The 50’s design book shelf into your kitchen design project, you will see that your interiors will become much more versatile and elegant through the lightness and simplicity of this open award-winning shelf.

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View Of Italian Shelving Unit

The 50’s Shelf System has been elegantly integrated into the dining room area, allowing guests to admire this minimalistic design while enjoying their meals.

UNIT Living Room Design With Shelf By Cesar

Our Cesar The 50’s shelves can also form part of your living room design, or any other contemporary interior space within your home.

Cesar Williamsburg, Intarsio & The 50’s

Our Cesar The 50’s shelf has indirect lighting options, and can be combined with any Cesar kitchen model, like our Cesar Unit, or Cesar Williamsburg kitchen.

The 50’s Shelving System

This shelving design solution stands on round 50’s style shelf feet, can be flexibly fitted into your home’s walls, and is patented by our Italian Cesar brand.

UNIT Kitchen Shelving And Book Shelving Design By Cesar

The 50’s shelves can be lit up in the evenings offering two different lighting options. The indirect lighting creates a warm, mysterious and memorable effect.

UNIT Open Shelving Design By Cesar

The finish used for the 50’s upright shelves is called black satin brushed nero. All of the shelving modules are made of structured lacquer.

UNIT Book Shelf Design By Cesar

The integrated bookcase system focuses on every design detail, with elegant edges in silver that show the filigree of this unique design by our Cesar Art Director Garcia Cumini.

UNIT Table Foot By Cesar

The 50’s shelves are built on thin legs with round knobs that remind of modular shelving systems from the 50’s combined with modern elements.

Versatile Italian Kitchen Shelves

The design of our Cesar The 50’s shelves was invented by our Italian Art Director Garcia Cumini. Their idea was to come up with a modular shelving design that reminds us of back in the days while integrating modern kitchen features to meet today’s needs and design desires. The patented shelf design range can easily be fixed to the wall of your kitchen and living room, hence creating harmony and unity across various rooms of our home. Visit our Cesar NYC kitchen flagship showroom to learn more about the variety of shelf finish options, including the stunning black satin brushed nero finish above.

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