Cesar Modern Unit Kitchen in Lacquer

Kitchen Model: Cesar UNIT // Kitchen Style: Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets // Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer: Cesar // Kitchen Cabinet Finishes & Materials: Silk-Effect Laguna Lacquer, Noce Canaletto and Grigio Amani Marble // Kitchen Island and Tall Kitchen Units: cabinet doors in a matte Silk-Effect Lagoon Lacquer and Walnut Canaletto Wood Finish // Kitchen Countertops: Grey Amani Marble // Structure: in Lagoon Aluminum // Kitchen Handles: Eero Shell kitchen handles in Lagoon Brass and Champagne Brass // Adjustable Kitchen Feet: in Satin Brass Champagne

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Cesar UNIT Laguna Lacquer Kitchen

Our Cesar UNIT kitchen was launched by our Italian Cesar kitchen research and design development team a couple of years ago, reinventing the traditional kitchen by putting the focus on a unique, award-winning design. Our Cesar kitchen brand has a patent on this type of kitchen model, which stands on thin brass legs that are both flexible and adjustable. Cesar UNIT comes in a variety of kitchen cabinet materials and finishes, and one of them is our khaki colored so-called Laguna lacquer kitchen model. It comes in a matte finish, which is so trendy these days, forms a subtle contrast to the beautiful Noce Canaletto kitchen finish and uses a high-end marble kitchen countertop in our Cesar Grigio Amani marble finish. In terms of the kitchen’s tall cabinet units, a walnut wood cabinetry finish is being used, known as Canaletto wood.

Gray Brown Cesar UNIT Custom Cabinets

UNIT Kitchen Characteristics

As mentioned, what makes our Cesar UNIT kitchen model unique are its thin brass legs, both for the kitchen island as for the base and tall cabinets, that come in a satin brass champagne. This allow our UNIT kitchen to be placed wherever our client desires it, either as a freestanding design piece, or attached to the wall. It is worth mentioning that our Cesar UNIT kitchen can be combined with any other of our modern kitchen models, allowing the client to opt for a UNIT kitchen island in combination with our most popular Maxima 2.2 kitchen model for the wall cabinets, or vice versa. In terms of the kitchen countertop, any desired Cesar finish can be chosen, including Fenix laminate, marble or stainless steel. In terms of the kitchen handles, our suggested Eero Shell kitchen handles are mostly chosen by our clients, which come in a variety of brass finishes and make our UNIT kitchen elegantly stand out even more.