Cesar Modern Unit Kitchen in White Lacquer

Kitchen Model: Cesar UNIT Kitchen // Kitchen Style: Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets // Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer: Cesar // Kitchen Cabinet Finishes & Materials: Kitchen In Silk-Effect Bianco Lacquer, Kitchen Island In Hanex N-White Cabinet Finish, Tall Kitchen Cabinet Units: White Silk-Effect Bianco Doors // Countertop: Hanex N-White Finish // Kitchen Structure: Bianco Aluminum // Kitchen Handles: Champagne Brass Eero Shell Handles // Adjustable Kitchen Feet: Champagne Brass

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UNIT Modern Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

Our white Cesar UNIT kitchen model has a simplistic, minimalistic contemporary style. It comes in a white matte lacquer cabinet finish, which is rounded off through its modern golden Eero Shell handles in a champagne brass finish. They have a maximum possible width, spreading across the top and bottom of each of the kitchen’s cabinet doors. The kitchen features a white, free standing kitchen island in the same white silk-effect finish, which has a very durable hanex N white countertop finish, making the actual cooking process on the island possible and more convenient. The highlight of our UNIT kitchen are the thin kitchen island and cabinet legs, which are also made of champagne brass – same as the kitchen handles -, and are adjustable in height. This white modern kitchen is custom made in our Cesar kitchen factory in Italy, and can be fit into any kitchen space, however big or small it may be.

Cesar UNIT Kitchen In White

White Italian Kitchen Cabinets

The use of white kitchen cabinets in interior spaces has gained unprecedented popularity. While it has been a design classic in traditional kitchen design, it has now also evolved into the most common design and color choice in modern kitchen design. One reason is the timelessness of the color white itself, which is why we at Cesar NYC Kitchens often recommend using it. This trend was originated in Italy, Europe and has since spread across the rest of the world including the USA. White Italian kitchen cabinets also create a light, modern atmosphere in our clients’ NYC homes and are easy to combine with other colors and shades. In order to create a contrast in your modern kitchen, it can be a good idea to combine two to three different finish options or to choose a different color for your kitchen island or wall cabinets. Have a look at our kitchen portfolio to be inspired for your kitchen project.